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How Shonda Rhimes Built A Television Empire And A $240 Million Net Worth

By now, just about every television and film fan is well aware of the genre-defining legacy of Shonda Rhimes. The prolific showrunner has created and served at the helm of multiple hit series’, including “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice,” “Scandal,” and several others, and executive produced hit Netflix outings such as “Bridgerton,” “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story,” and “Inventing Anna.” Through these efforts, Shonda Rhimes has received universal acclaim, a Golden Globe , and a net worth of over $240 million, per Celebrity Net Worth . Shonda Rhimes’ generational wealth is truly a success story we can all admire, and her net worth tells a tale of her hard work and resilience. Beyond her financial successes in entertainment, Rhimes also maintains a diverse portfolio of real estate investments and other lucrative holdings. So, let’s take a moment to examine the life and work of the Emmy special honoree, and dissect the multiple streams of income she has utilized to create such...

Jun 27, 2024

How Bozoma Saint John Became A Business Boss And Stacked A $30 Million Net Worth

Bozoma Saint John may not be a household name for the average media consumer, though her contributions to the marketing industry have touched nearly every corner of the market. If you’ve ever used an Apple product , taken an Uber, drank a Pepsi, or binge-watched something on Netflix, you may have unknowingly been impacted by Saint John’s advertising techniques. The illustrious businesswoman has held numerous positions and developed something of a reputation for being poached by top brands in very brief intervals. Today, Bozoma Saint John has an estimated net worth of over $30 million, according to NetWealth , making her one of the most highly sought-after women in marketing. So, let’s explore what makes Bozoma Saint John so effective in her field, and unpack the many avenues she has utilized to exacerbate her tremendous wealth. Without any further preamble, let’s dive into the net worth and earnings of the respected executive, and dissect her business strategies. Who Is Bozoma Saint...

May 28, 2024

Comedian KevOnStage Went From Making $30 A Show To Building An Entertainment Empire And Streaming Platform

The power and convenience of mobile devices have made content access nearly instantaneous. From social media to streaming apps, entertainment is at your fingertips — and content creators such as Kevin “KevOnStage” Fredricks are capitalizing on the movement. Fredricks is a comedian, actor, and entrepreneur who has been working to establish his brand as someone who connects people from various backgrounds and proudly focuses on amplifying Black voices and content. A significant part of this work is manifested in creating KevOnStage Studios, a multi-channel operation for original content, from podcasts to television shows and films. Although Fredricks’ work has taken off, it hasn’t always been this way. His journey started from the proverbial bottom, and now he’s working to build an empire that puts his name alongside those who own major streaming platforms including Netflix and Hulu.

Oct 26, 2023

Netflix Introduces AI Related Roles Paying Nearly $1M While Actors And Writers Protest For A Livable Wage

A little while ago, social media was buzzing with people creating photos of themselves and their hypothetical children using the power of artificial intelligence (AI). While that moment was for kicks and giggles, the power of AI is showing up more, making a permanent space in corporate America with tools like ChatGPT. And with the seemingly unlimited expansion of technology’s innovation, the power of AI is slowly limiting employment opportunities for humans. Netflix is currently offering high six-figure paying jobs for AI experts to step in amid the current writer’s and actor’s strike.

Jul 28, 2023

How Are Companies Using AI? — Some Are Replacing Thousands Of Jobs With It, And Others Are Using It Collaboratively

A long while back, there was a cartoon about a family that lived far into the future. They had robots, flying cars, and all sorts of technology that many people could not conceive at the time. Although “The Jetsons” only lasted for three seasons, it foretold some things to come. The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) was built into the show’s fabric. And while some of the ideas in “The Jetsons” have yet to come to fruition, society is currently inundated with AI’s power and evolving possibilities. For many people and organizations, AI is a lifesaver. With ChatGPT helping folks save time with emails to platforms that serve as resume-writing assistants, AI is here to stay. However, with such strong possibilities comes the growing fear of human replacements in the workplace. While this fear may have some rational context, the future will likely be less about an AI takeover and more about the collaborative intelligence between AI and human capacity, with the goal of improving work...

May 19, 2023

Why 'Stranger Things' Actor Caleb McLaughlin, Who Reportedly Earns $250K Per Episode, Didn't Splurge Until 5 Years In

Not only is Caleb McLaughlin one of today’s top young actors, but he’s also quite financially responsible for his age. McLaughlin’s career took off in 2016 after “Stranger Things” premiered on Netflix. With the hit show’s new season currently streaming, CNBC reports that he didn’t make any big purchases until the season prior.

May 27, 2022

Teenager Justin Ellen Skipped College And Baked His Way Into A $100K Business

Justin Ellen is stacking his dough metaphorically and literally. Like the tiers of the cakes he bakes, Ellen has built a successful business based on his passion and baking skills. A former contestant on Netflix’s popular baking show, “Is It Cake?” Ellen has pivoted from working a side hustle to managing a six-figure business.

May 20, 2022

Here's Why Streaming Giant Netflix Just Laid Off 150 Employees

The coveted Netflix sound indicating that a new show is starting could be ringing slightly softer as subscribers leave the platform, which has led Netflix to lay off 150 employees. As of May 17, the streaming platform confirmed with NPR that they were restructuring its labor force after the first significant loss in subscriptions in a decade.

May 18, 2022

Netflix 'Reorganizing' Its 'Marketing Team' Results In A Majority Of Black Women Claiming They've Been Laid Off

Netflix has been frequently in the headlines as of late. Shortly after news broke regarding a drop in its subscribers (over 200,000), the streaming giant recently made headlines due to reported layoffs. According to TechCrunch, the company laid off editorial staff from its in-house publication Tudum only five months after its launch.

May 5, 2022

Snoop Dogg Reveals Plans To Create A Streaming Platform He Says Will Be 'Similar To Amazon, Netflix, Hulu'

Snoop Dogg has plans to take Death Row Records to the next level. As AfroTech previously reported, the rapper is now a label owner. And, we must say he is not taking the role lightly as he recently announced Death Row Records would become the first label in the metaverse. Plus, that’s not all the rapper has in store. During a recent Drink Champs interview, Snoop Dogg revealed he will be attempting to give Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music a run for their money by launching a streaming platform and app for Death Row Records. “First thing I did was snatch all the music off those platforms traditionally known to people, because those platforms don’t pay,” Snoop Dogg said. “And those platforms get millions and millions and millions of streams and nobody gets paid other than the record labels, so what I wanted to do is snatch my music off, create a platform which is something similar to Amazon, Netflix, Hulu. It’ll be a Death Row app, and then the music, in the meantime, will live...

Apr 19, 2022

Netflix Aims To Crackdown On Password-Sharing With New Feature

The days of getting your family member or friend to share their Netflix password seem to be numbered. Forbes reports that the streaming giant is locking down on a new way to charge users for giving their account information out to people who are outside of their households. To bring the plan to direct action, Netflix is currently testing a password-sharing fee in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

Mar 25, 2022

Coodie And Chike Took Over 20 Years To Make The Kanye West Doc — But Did Netflix Pay Them $30M?

Coodie and Chike reportedly got a nice payday for the Kanye West documentary. And it took them more than 20 years to get it. According to the New York Daily News, Coodie and Chike reportedly received $30 million for the “jeen-yuhs” documentary, a hit doc that is currently streaming on Netflix about Kanye West. Billboard also reports that it took the filmmaking pair more than 20 years to finish the doc thanks to the filmmakers’ surgical precision in documenting nearly every aspect of the “808s and Heartbreak” rapper’s life. And while a source familiar with the production told Entertainment Tonight that the acquisition figure is inaccurate, what’s clear is that “jeen-yuhs” details aspects of West’s life that were previously unavailable to his fanbase and the general public. Coodie and Chike used home videos, never-before-seen footage, and other exclusive content to chronicle West’s rise. From the car accident that caused him to get a whole new mouth to the passing of his beloved...

Chief Marketing Officer Bozoma Saint John Departs Netflix; Parting Was Reportedly 'Mutual and Amicable'

Bozoma Saint John is out at Netflix. Variety was the first outlet to break the exclusive story. According to their report, Saint John’s departure from the company was “mutual and amicable,” but it’s unclear where she’ll be going next. Saint John was the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at the streaming giant. “I came to Netflix with a surplus of enthusiasm and creative energy and am immensely proud of the campaigns we inspired that sparked global conversations,” Bozoma Saint John said in a statement to Variety. “It’s been a transformative two-year experience for which I will always be grateful.” Saint John will be replaced by Marian Lee, who was promoted to the CMO position after serving as the company’s vice president of marketing in the U.S. and Canada. “ Netflix is an incredible brand with the best content and creative teams in the world,” Lee said in the same statement. “I am confident our most exciting work is ahead of us and I am honored to lead this best-in-class global...