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Josh Rodgers

Lover of Culture. Curator of Motivation. Advocate for Equity. Josh Rodgers is a writer and content creator originally from Memphis, TN. Along with AfroTech, Josh's work can be seen on Blavity News, Travel Noire, Shadow & Act, and Buzzfeed. When he isn't writing, he can be found on the mic as the co-host and founder of The Jigsaw Podcast - a platform dedicated to helping Black millennials attempt to navigate the craziest puzzle piece ever created, life.

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Sheryl Lee Ralph’s 2 Children, Etienne And Ivy Maurice, Open Wellness Studio Alongside Their Cousin Marley Ralph, Which Offers Yoga Classes

Self-care is not only a vibe, but it’s necessary. With many people tapping into what it means to engage in self-care, the concept has manifested itself in many forms. One of the ways people have historically engaged in self-care is through yoga. And WalkGood Yard provides spaces for yoga enthusiasts of all levels.

Josh Rodgers

Feb 26, 2024

'Real Cousins' Niecy Nash-Betts, Danielle Brooks, And Sterling K. Brown Make Waves In Hollywood With An Estimated Combined Net Worth Of $16M

Play cousins is a cultural euphemism often adopted by the Black community. Through friendships, community organizations, and many other ties — people routinely choose their family regardless of bloodlines. However, in some unpredictable ways, those who could’ve been regarded as play cousins have actual biological connections. Niecy Nash-Betts brought this to the forefront, revealing she is related to fellow actors Danielle Brooks and Sterling K. Brown. In an Instagram post, the 53-year-old actress shared a picture posing with Brooks and Brown, congratulating them on their Oscar nominations and announcing to the world that the trio are blood-related cousins. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Niecy Nash (@niecynash1) “Both of my COUSINS are OSCAR NOMINATED ‼️‼️ Yes! We are blood-related! REAL cousins!” Nash-Betts wrote in the caption of her post. “I’m so proud of my fam! @thedaniellebrooks @sterlingkbrown I’m rooting for you!” Brooks, 34, is a first-time Oscar nominee for her...

Josh Rodgers

Feb 22, 2024

With An Upcoming Memoir, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Is Bringing A Great Addition To Her $2M Net Worth

In 2024, it is sometimes fascinating to believe Black people are still becoming the first in specific fields. While this speaks to a significant systemic issue that has and continues to hinder the progress of BIPOC individuals, it does not take away from the impactful work they are doing in and outside of their industry. Chief Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is an example of that. But, the gravitas of her story does not begin with the U.S. Supreme Court. Jackson was born in Washington, D.C., and later moved with her family to Florida to support her father’s law school endeavors. While in the coastal state, Forbes reports, Jackson thrived in school while her parents also made strides in their careers. Her mom rose to become a principal at a premiere magnet school, and her father became the county school board’s attorney. This model, along with her debate and speech club experience, would be the greatest contributor to Jackson’s success and future. Post high school, Jackson was accepted...

Josh Rodgers

Feb 15, 2024

How BET's Co-Founder Sheila C. Johnson Became America's First Black-Woman Billionaire, Owner Of 3 Professional Sports Teams, And A Real Estate Mogul

Remember when Beyoncé danced to O.T. Genasis’ hit song “Everybody Mad”? She had the entire “Coachella” audience screaming the iconic line, “I been getting to the money.” Although this is on brand for the Houston, TX, native, a long history of successful Black women can say the same thing about success. This is where Sheila C. Johnson enters the chat. Johnson is the first Black woman to become a billionaire, and her journey toward that fortune is just as fascinating as it is history-making. Born in 1949 and originally from McKeesport, PA — Johnson had a father who was a prominent neurosurgeon and a mother who was an accountant, per Black Past. Both career successes would prove to be a marker for Johnson’s accomplishments throughout her life. According to a Forbes profile, her parents enrolled her in an all-white Kentucky elementary school before desegregation. As a student, she pursued a love for music, becoming a concert violinist during high school. Johnson’s love for music would...

Josh Rodgers

Feb 12, 2024

How Quinta Brunson Went From Thinking She'd Live In An Apartment All Her Life To Building A Multi-Million-Dollar Empire

A glow-up is often defined as a critical point in a person’s life when things change for the better. And witnessing a person’s glow-up is inspiring and motivating for those following people for quite some time. One clear example of a glow-up with the culture standing on its proverbial feet is that of Quinta Brunson. Brunson, who was once known for her comedic skits and viral moments as a video producer for BuzzFeed, is an award-winning actress, director, and writer. Even before the BuzzFeed days, Brunson captivated audiences, displaying her comedic chops through impersonations. According to an interview with Glamour, Brunson would do impressions for her siblings while growing up in Philadelphia, PA. “Yeah, my brothers and sisters—they really liked to watch me imitate characters from their favorite shows. I don’t think I realized that I was doing impressions; it would just be like, “Quinta, say this.” And then I would say it, and I really enjoyed making them laugh,” Brunson stated....

Josh Rodgers

Feb 8, 2024

How Victoria Monét Reclaimed Her Time: From Singing Outside Of In-N-Out Burger To Self-Investing In A Chart-Topping Career

If you want to know a part of Victoria Monét’s secret to success, look at her viral hit “On My Mama.” She credits “getting it from her mama,” but Monét has been trailblazing her own path in the music industry. The Atlanta-born, Sacramento-raised entertainer may have had her breakout moment due to the viral success of her “Jaguar II” album, but the mother to young Hazel is not new to the industry. In a profile by The Guardian, Victoria Monét had an early start as an entertainer performing with a dance camp as a pre-teen. During this time, she began writing music, prompting her to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. To make the move possible, the 34-year-old was encouraged by her mother to put away at least $4,000 to survive in the big city. However, her big break would come before saving the total amount. Monét met with mega-producer Rodney Jerkins in 2008 to be a part of a group he was forming called Purple Reign. Originally meant to be on the Motown label, things took a...

Josh Rodgers

Feb 7, 2024

Sheryl Lee Ralph Has An Estimated $5M Net Worth, But Her 2 Children Are The True Source Of Her Fortune

Christmas 2006 brought the world the award-winning musical film, “Dreamgirls.” Although fans raved about the stellar performances from the cast, the story of that film didn’t begin there. It started in 1981 as a Broadway musical featuring the iconic Sheryl Lee Ralph. Ralph brought original life to the character Deena Jones in the play and has been leaving marks on the industry ever since. Modern audiences may remember her as the educator and step-mom from the 1990s’ sitcom “Moesha.” As often displayed in memes and gifs, the culture also remembers her as the strict mother to Lauryn Hill’s character in “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.” Ralph’s multi-decade career is expansive regardless of what entry point fans and audience members find her. Currently, she portrays Barbara Howard in ABC’s “Abbott Elementary,” having earned a 2022 Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Throughout the years, Ralph has proven to be a powerhouse on and off the screen. She is the...

Josh Rodgers

Feb 6, 2024

Niecy Nash-Betts Is At The Top Of Her Game With An Estimated $5M Net Worth, But She's Making It A Family Affair As Her 3 Children Follow In Her Footsteps

One thing that’s true for the Black community is that it will claim people who are not biologically related as relatives. This concept even applies to celebrities, particularly influential figures, who have massive admiration. One of the individuals who has walked into the fold as one of the culture’s internet aunties is Niecy Nash-Betts. Born Carol Denise Ensley, Niecy Nash-Betts has been the imaginative, joyful spirit the world has come to know and love from a very young age. According to the Los Angeles Times, Nash first found inspiration for her career’s future after seeing singer and dancer Lola Falana’s lavishness on television. At the tender age of 5, Nash-Betts would adorn herself in scarves, Mickey Mouse sunglasses, and fancy dresses. “I want to be Black, fabulous, and on TV,” she told her grandmother one day, according to the Los Angeles Times. “The Black part I couldn’t do anything about. But the fabulous and the being on TV … I got to work on that.” And the rest, as...

Josh Rodgers

Feb 2, 2024

Microsoft Cuts 1,900 People From Its Gaming Division Just Months After A $69M Gaming Acquisition

A new year has arrived, but for some, it did not start as pleasant as they’d hoped, with Microsoft announcing an estimated 1,900 layoffs from its gaming division. According to CNBC, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer announced, via a memo, that the layoffs were a part of the company’s greater “execution plan.”

Josh Rodgers

Jan 25, 2024

Pop Singer Seal Earned A $40M Net Worth, But Being a Father To His 4 Children Is Where His True Treasure Lies

If you’re of a particular age, the movie “Space Jam” brings on a bit of nostalgia. From seeing NBA legends in their prime on-court era to a multi-verse collision between reality and cartoon land, the 1996 film is considered a classic among many. Beyond the lead acting from NBA legend Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, “Space Jam” also has an all-star-led soundtrack that gives life to pivotal moments in the film. One of the songs from that era was Seal’s “Fly Like an Eagle.” But Seal’s hit-making capabilities didn’t start or end with his contribution to the film’s soundtrack. Seal was born on the outskirts of London, England, and began performing in local clubs to escape his impoverished childhood. According to Britannica, Seal used those early moments of singing and songwriting to build his name, leading to a 1987 production deal. However, it was not until 1990, when his song “Killer” with Adamski (Adam Tinley) became a hit, that Seal would get his major break. The song received...

Josh Rodgers

Jan 13, 2024

These 10 Black Athletes Dominate As Professional Team Owners While Remaining Active In Their Respective Sports

For years, there was a disconnect between the representation of athletes playing on the field or courts and those who made the big decisions for the sports industry. As time evolves, more and more Black athletes continue to dominate the world of sports, particularly in the NBA and NFL. According to data from Statista, Black athletes make up over 70% of active NBA players during the 2023 season. For the NFL, Statista further reports that a bit more than 56% of players in 2022 were Black athletes. Although the percentage of Black players is disproportionately lower in other major sports leagues such as the MLB (6.2%) or the NHL (less than 5%), the push and impact of Black players can be felt across the entire sports landscape. The increased diversification throughout sports as an industry, some would argue, necessitated the need for more decision-makers in executive roles — primarily team ownership. In 2002, the barrier was broken as the founder of BET, Robert “Bob” Johnson, became...

Josh Rodgers

Jan 4, 2024

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Rings The Alarm In An Open Letter Amid Major Layoffs Of Black Tech Employees

The current job market has people on a roller coaster of expectations. With shifts across several industries, layoffs have been a large part of the uncertainty many people have experienced in the present landscape. The tech industry, particularly, has faced much criticism during this frustrating time as many of the tech giants announced major layoffs disproportionately affecting BIPOC individuals and women. The trend has become so pervasive that U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee has led the charge in calling out the impacts of the layoffs.

Josh Rodgers

Dec 29, 2023

Charlamagne Tha God Is Set To Open A Cannabis Dispensary And 6 Krystal Restaurants, And His Father's Journey Is The Reason Behind It All

If you are familiar with popular culture, you’ve likely heard of “The Breakfast Club” with Charlamagne tha God. Weekly, Charlamagne and his co-hosts dive into topics around entertainment, businesses, mental health, and more. Known for his hot takes and exploratory commentary, Charlamagne has made it known that his dimensions are not limited to his job behind the mic. He is an accomplished entrepreneur.

Josh Rodgers

Dec 27, 2023

Kirk Franklin Claims 100% Of His Debut Album’s Publishing Rights Were Taken By His Label

The roots of Gospel music can be traced through several popular genres. And the direction of Gospel music, specifically, has steadily evolved over time. One person who can get a lot of credit for its modern revolution is Kirk Franklin. Making his musical debut in 1993 with the album, “Kirk Franklin and The Family,” the Texas native has been blazing the charts and airwaves with faith-based hits meant to inspire those who encounter his music. However, the acclaim of his first album did not yield the monetary returns that typically come with a successful project.

Josh Rodgers

Dec 15, 2023

Entrepreneur And Owner Of A Louisiana Apartment Complex Pays It Forward By Covering December's Rent For Local Families

Beyonce’s hit song “Diva” defines the term as a female version of a hustler. This cultural reference and meaning gives literal context to New Orleans, LA, native and entrepreneur Britni Ricard. Her journey hasn’t been easy, but she has turned all her “Ls” into lessons. This holiday season, Ricard is paying it forward by covering the rent of all the tenants in a 10-unit apartment building she owns.

Josh Rodgers

Dec 7, 2023