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Shanique Liz Yates is an Atlanta-based journalist and content creator with a passion for storytelling on a range of topics that include business, culture, entertainment, and news. Her work can be found across platforms like aspireTV, REVOLT, BAUCE, and more!

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Founder Pinky Cole Explains Why She Maintains Ownership Over 70% Of Slutty Vegan’s Real Estate

Pinky Cole had a vision when she first launched Slutty Vegan as a food truck in Atlanta, GA. That blueprint has since transformed Slutty Vegan into a lucrative restaurant worth $100 million. Cole recently explained the difference between a 70% and 30% portfolio and how she and her team have developed a strategy that works for them. “So, 70% of the Slutty Vegan businesses, I own the real estate,” Cole said in an “Earn Your Leisure” podcast clip shared to promote her appearance at the 2024 Invest Fest. “And the reason why I did that is because I wanted to go into inner-city communities, communities that developers aren’t so attracted to, and areas that are right in the heart of gentrification. What Slutty Vegan does is go into the neighborhood, raise up the value of that community, help other business owners, because we always have lines down the block. So, they win when we win, and we win when they win.”   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Earn Your Leisure...

Jun 12, 2024

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Reaffirms Commitment To DEI Amid Evolving Workplace Landscape

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has revealed his thoughts amid the ever-changing landscape of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices. In a shareholder letter shared via Axios, Dimon reiterated the bank’s commitment to DEI, noting its programs that include resource groups for Black, LGBTQ+, and employees living with disabilities, as well as other initiatives, including a fund geared toward helping entrepreneurs of color, investing efforts in rural communities, and recruiting at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Moreover, Dimon revealed that the $30 billion racial equity commitment made by JPMorgan Chase in the wake of racial unrest and turmoil in 2020 is “nearly completed,” with plans to make the initiative a permanent program. “We’re thoughtfully continuing our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts,” he wrote. Dimon also confirmed that the initiatives will adjust as laws continue to evolve around these issues. His statement comes at a time...

Jun 10, 2024

How To Elevate Your Experience At AFROTECH™ Conference 2024 With Founder Circle

The 2024 AFROTECH™ Conference is just months away, and the countdown has begun with even bigger and better ways to empower the community. As one of the largest cultural events dedicated to individuals evolving the tech space, AFROTECH™ offers something for everyone — whether you’re an industry enthusiast, hold a C-Suite position, or are the CEO of your own company. The conference’s latest initiative is designed specifically for founders. Since its inception in 2016, AFROTECH™ has been committed to empowering the community. The new AFROTECH™ Founder Circle intends to continue this mission by focusing on reducing attendance costs, enhancing skill sets, and expanding access for founders within the community. The all-new program will operate under a three-pronged strategy: enhancing executive presence and leadership, broadening access to venture capital networks, and fostering peer-to-peer learning and support. In collaboration with, AFROTECH™ will sponsor 200 tickets for...

Jun 7, 2024

TikTok Food Reviewer Keith Lee Stuns The Internet By Reviewing His Brother's New Florida Restaurant

Keith Lee is back with another food review, but this one is special because it hits home. According to Dexerto, the beloved TikTok food reviewer left fans stunned after sharing a video of him testing out his brother’s new restaurant, Braised by Kevin Lee, located in Florida. “Me and my family are in Hollywood, Florida and the food in this bag is from my brother’s restaurant,” Keith said in the May 27 video. “When I say my brother, I mean the same mom and dad. But I didn’t order it and he doesn’t know we’re here.” @keith_lee125 Braised By Kevin Lee taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic @Kevin Lee ♬ original sound – Keith Lee What’s more, before their foray into the food business, both of the Lee brothers were heavy in the competitive martial arts world. Keith spent a good amount of his life as a Bellator MMA fighter, and Kevin gained a lot of attention in the UFC before retiring in July 2023. “We all lived in [Las Vegas, NV] but he moved to Miami and opened his own pop-up,”...

Jun 3, 2024

Why Founder Pinky Cole Opted Not To Use Traditional Marketing To Spread The Word About Slutty Vegan

As Pinky Cole continues to reach the pinnacles of success as an entrepreneur, she also lifts others as she climbs. The Slutty Vegan founder and CEO has never been afraid of taking risks and betting on herself, even when the odds are stacked against her. Her Atlanta, GA-based restaurant has been wildly successful, even though she created the concept as a passion project, initially launching the company as a food truck without focusing solely on profit. “I pinch myself every day,” she told AFROTECH™ in a recent interview. “Sometimes we’re so immersed in our work that we don’t realize the blessings happening around us. I think about how Slutty Vegan opened the door for me to partner with PepsiCo on the Pepsi Dig In Campaign to support Black-owned restaurateurs. As a leader in this space, I can help provide the support they need.” Cole added, “It’s all been a passion project for me because I get to help people reimagine food in a way they never have before. Every single day, I’m humbled...

Jun 3, 2024

Jeneé Naylor Went From Being A Target Employee To Snagging A Business Opportunity With The Retailer

There is so much beauty in making your dreams come true, and this former Target employee’s transition from team member to collaborator for its recent Future Collective collection is proof! Before launching her fashion brand, Jeneé Naylor began her Target career in 2012, quickly rising to the role of store director at stores across the Washington, D.C. area after several years of hard work and commitment. Now, 11 years later, the company has unveiled its latest Future Collective collaboration with Naylor and her brand, which features 70 new pieces designed with individuality in mind, according to Target’s company blog.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Target (@target) “From sketching designs in high school to working in retail, fashion has always been a passion of mine,” Naylor said. “It wasn’t until I was working full-time that I started posting my outfits on social media and gaining traction. Because my Target work schedule was so busy, I would create and batch...

May 23, 2024

Angel Reese Fulfills Her Dream Of Owning A Professional Sports Team — 'I’ve Always Had [A] Desire To Invest In A Local Team As A Maryland Native'

This is Angel Reese’s year, and we’re just living in it! According to The Athletic, Reese is officially a “professional sports owner” as she has joined the ownership group of DC Power Football Club, Washington, DC’s new professional women’s soccer team — which will begin competing in the USL Super League in summer 2024. “I want to help grow women’s sports and elevate female athletes across the board,” Reese said in a statement. “We’re taking over, and I’m honored to be able to support Power FC and invest in women’s soccer in the DMV community.” “Angel’s decision to be a founding investor alongside us in Power FC is groundbreaking,” D.C. United CEO and Co-Chairman Jason Levien added. “As a Maryland native, Angel is so passionate about being a catalyst for positive change in women’s sports in the DMV as well as globally, while inspiring the next generation of female athletes. We’re looking forward to her partnership in the boardroom as an equity partner.” As a native of Randallstown,...

May 22, 2024

50 Cent Is Considering Taking Beam Suntory Legal Woes To Congress After Alleging The Company Cost Him $6M

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is prepared to take his woes with Suntory Global Spirits to Congress if both parties are not able to come to a mutual agreement soon. According to HipHop DX, the rapper-turned-businessman used his Instagram account to address the company’s decision to change its name from Beam Suntory to Suntory Global Spirits without taking accountability for its alleged wrongdoing toward him and Sire Spirits. “Changing the company name from Beam Suntory to @SuntoryGlobalSpirits without correcting what was done to my brands @bransoncognac and @lecheminduroi doesn’t fix the problem and lacks honor,” 50 Cent said. “ I attempted to resolve the matter, not once, but twice. Now the legal process will play out publicly for everyone to see what really happened and how @SuntoryGlobalSpirits would rather spend millions to protect and conceal criminal conduct instead of doing the right thing.”   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) As previously reported...

May 22, 2024

Nicki Minaj's North American Leg Of The 'Pink Friday 2 World Tour' Makes History As The Highest-Grossing Rap Tour For A Woman

Nick Minaj’s latest tour is breaking records! According to Billboard, the Queens, NY, native’s “Pink Friday 2 World Tour” is the highest-grossing and bestselling rap tour by a woman in Billboard Boxscore history after reports revealed that it grossed $67 million and sold 439,000 tickets. Kicking off on March 1 in Oakland, CA, the tour’s first stop brought Minaj $2.3 million thanks to 14,000 tickets sold. The show concluded on May 13 in Oklahoma City, OK. She now joins the likes of her former label mate Drake, as well as Kendrick Lamar, Future, and a host of other rappers with high-grossing tours. Not to mention, she bumped out Doja Cat, who just five months prior had set the record with $37.3 million for “The Scarlet Tour.” With four double-headers, the “Pink Friday 2 World Tour” brought in more than $3 million for each stop in Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Brooklyn, NY; Chicago, IL; and Toronto, Canada. Minaj’s biggest moneymaking nights were both in New York, at the Brooklyn Barclays...

May 17, 2024

Patrick Mahomes Ventures Into The Coffee Industry As A Lead Investor In Throne Sport Coffee

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a new business venture to add to his ever-growing portfolio. According to Boardroom, the three-time Super Bowl champion is taking his love for coffee to higher heights as a lead investor for Throne Sport Coffee, a ready-to-drink coffee beverage company that was launched Thursday (May 16). Putting his money where his mouth is, not only did Mahomes attend a nice chunk of developmental and departmental meetings for the company, but he also had samples of the coffee sent to his home every two to four weeks in 2023 to ensure that he was able to help the Throne Sport family create a “tasty, healthy beverage with mass appeal to compete in a crowded market.” “There were a lot of samples sent and the season worked out well,” Mahomes said. “We won the Super Bowl, so it must have worked. We’ve come up with a great product, and I think people will really enjoy them throughout the entire day, not be jittery, and not be sluggish after the coffee...

May 16, 2024

How This Mompreneur And Her Daughter Landed At A Mary J. Blige Festival After Frequently Getting 'Kicked Out' Of Other Vending Opportunities For Their Restaurant

Mary J. Blige’s Strength Of A Woman Festival (SOAW) returned for a Mother’s Day takeover in a new city this year, along with new faces and places to support. “We started doing pop-ups at bars, and it was just me and my daughter,” Chef Shelly Flash of 2 Girls & A Cookshop told AFROTECH™ during the third annual SOAW, the festival’s first time appearing in Blige’s home of New York, NY. “We used to get kicked out all the time, and it’s like we just had a mission. We were like, ‘We should share our food with the world because we’re first-gens, and a lot of times first-generation Jamaicans, we’re not represented.’ Either you’re all in the culture or you’re in this melted pot. We are always in this floating melting pot. We live in the best city in the world — that’s New York — and so what we decided to do is just keep putting out one Jamaican taco at a time.” She added, “And in Jamaica, we always say ‘Out of many, one person.’ At 2 Girls we say, ‘Out of many, one culture.’ We believe that...

May 14, 2024

Big3, A Pro Basketball League Founded By Ice Cube, Sells Its First Team In A Reported $10M Deal

Ice Cube is finally putting plans in motion to sell teams included in his Big3 basketball league roster. According to Bloomberg, in a deal worth $10 million, the 3-on-3 basketball league has sold its first team to an outside party. Led by investment firm DCB Sports, a group has acquired the team, with Los Angeles, CA, to serve as its home city. This also launches the league’s transition from a touring league to a city-centric model. All 12 teams on the roster have been put up for sale. “We need to plant our roots in cities so we can be more than a rolling all-star game coming through,” Ice Cube said in an interview with the outlet. “It’s really about growing the sport and the league.” Created in 2017, teams in the Big3, which include the 3 Headed Monsters, Ghost Ballers, and more, have been owned and operated by the league. Per the report, management aims to announce four new ownership groups by the start of its season, which kicks off in June.   View this post on Instagram   A post...

May 13, 2024

Backpack Healthcare Closes $14M Seed Funding Round Geared Toward Combating Youth Mental Health Crisis

This healthcare company is one funding round closer to fulfilling its goal of making mental health care more accessible. Backpack Healthcare shares in a press release that it has officially completed a $14 million Series A funding round led by Healthcare Capital. Also participating were ECMC, Techstars, Collab Capital, Bridge Builders Collaborative, Portland Seed Fund, Hopelab, Rethink Education, Genius Guild, and Unlikely Collaborators. Additional angel investors included Maya Ghosn Bichara and Jeffrey Walker. Founded in 2018 by Hafeezah Muhammad, the company uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to combat the current youth mental health crisis through its app and teletherapy services, specifically honing in on those with Medicaid insurance coverage. “The funding we have raised underscores the U.S. healthcare system’s need for more inclusive, tech-enabled solutions to tackle the growing pediatric mental health crisis,” said Muhammad, who also serves as the company’s CEO....

May 10, 2024

Fanbase Has Kicked Off A $17M Equity Crowdfunding Campaign After Raising Over $10M From 3 StartEngine Campaigns

Fanbase is on a mission to get creators paid, and the company’s latest news is proof. According to information shared with AFROTECH™, the social media platform has officially reached its $10 million equity crowdfunding goal. It’s a historic feat as Fanbase Founder Isaac Hayes III is now reportedly the first Black man in history to raise this amount of money in a seed funding round on StartEngine in a Regulation Crowdfunding campaign. “We have a plan, and we’re going to be able to scale and build the business in real-time without having to stop and start and stop and start,” Hayes told Will Lucas on “Black Tech Green Money” podcast. “This is a scale-up opportunity because there are so many things that people want out of Fanbase, and I myself do not like to not be able to deliver on what I want to give to the community.” He added, “This raise is definitely putting us in a position to not only catch up to the current apps that are out there but surpass them because of my understanding...

May 8, 2024

Equinox Has Launched A $40K Gym Membership With A Lab-Test Startup — Here's Why

Equinox has reportedly launched the world’s most expensive gym membership. According to NBC News, the exclusive fitness chain has kickstarted a $40,000 annual program geared toward helping people improve their overall health and longevity. In partnership with lab-test startup Function Health, Optimize by Equinox, is a personalized health program curated by the company to equip participants with a variety of services, including personal training, nutrition plans, sleep coaching, and massage therapy. “It’s really a paradigm shift in how we’re able to live with vitality and avoid suffering,” Jonathan Swerdlin, co-founder of Function Health, said. “It deals with what’s above the surface, your abs and glutes, which you can see in the mirror, that are great. But it also deals with what’s below the surface and what you can’t see in the mirror. And that’s revolutionary.”   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Equinox (@equinox) Kicking off with a range of tests, t he program is...

May 6, 2024