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New York City Tops List Of The 10 Wealthiest Cities In The World In 2024 With A Reported 349,500 Millionaires

A new report has revealed the list of cities across the globe where the highest number of millionaires reside . In May 2024, Henley & Partners released the “World’s Wealthiest Cities Report 2024.” According to the firm’s Group Head of Private Clients Dominic Volek, seven out of the top 10 cities listed are in countries that host investment migration programs , which work to foster foreign direct investment in return for residence or citizenship rights. “You can secure the right to live, work, study, and invest in leading international wealth hubs such as New York (NY) , Singapore (Singapore) , Sydney (Australia) , Vienna (Austria) , and Dubai (UAE) via investment,” Volek said, per a press release. “Being able to relocate yourself, your family, or your business to a more favorable city or have the option to choose between multiple different cities across the world is an increasingly important aspect of international wealth and legacy planning for private clients. The more...

May 17, 2024

79 Ice Breaker Questions To Warm Up Any Work Meeting

When it comes to building a healthy social ecosystem in the workplace, camaraderie amongst colleagues is a must. Beyond breakout rooms, holiday parties and company retreats , ice breakers play a fundamental role in letting your employees feel a sense of human connection. Helping coworkers get to know each other better, energize a room, and get people engaged from the start of a meeting, they’re crucial when it comes to workplace bonding. The key is choosing the right ice breaker questions, striking the balance between prompts that are meaningful enough to learn something new about your colleagues while avoiding anything too personal in a professional setting. Before kicking off your next team meeting, consider facilitating from this list of 79 best ice breaker questions sourced across a variety of categories. Getting To Know You Ice Breakers These prompts allow coworkers to share fun facts and insights about themselves and their lives outside of the office. What’s your favorite...

Apr 26, 2024

Following Josephine Wright's Passing, Her Family Wins A Settlement To Maintain Ownership Of Her Land

Posthumously, Josephine Wright has successfully secured ownership of her land. As AFROTECH™ previously told you, Wright encountered a legal challenge concerning a 1.8-acre plot of land situated on Hilton Head Island, SC, which had been in her family’s possession for over 30 years. Wright presumed ownership in 2012 following the passing of her husband. Per a 2023 lawsuit, Wright was being sued by the Bailey Point Investment Group for encroachment on its land next door where it was planning to build 147 homes. The group had offered $30,000 to Wright to buy her land to include in the project. However, Wright showed no interest in selling her property and maintained this stance despite alleged tactics employed by the investment group including “intimidation, harassment, [and] trespass,” Wright’s lawyers said. “My porch is not on their property,” Wright told CNN at the time. Wright’s story attracted the attention of Snoop Dogg and Kyrie Irving, who collectively donated $50,000 toward...

Mar 21, 2024

Klutch Sports Group Founder Rich Paul Joins Trading And Investing Platform Robinhood As A Strategic Advisor

Robinhood is embarking on a journey into sports and entertainment and tagging this businessman for assistance. According to CNBC, the financial services company will join forces with Rich Paul’s Klutch Sports Group as it looks to expand its reach. “We’re massive sports fans at Robinhood and we know our customers are as well,” said Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev to CNBC. “Working with Rich and the team at Klutch Sports, it’s really a way to get the Robinhood brand out there to a wider audience and partner with athletes and organizations that are aligned with our customer needs.” Launched in 2012, Klutch is home to many athletes, including LeBron James. Since its inception, the company has expanded its reach across teams, leagues, properties, and more. As previously reported by AFROTECH™, despite people saying that Klutch was a company that “wasn’t gonna last,” Paul confirmed that the business has negotiated more than $2 billion in deals. “I look forward to helping guide Robinhood as they...

Mar 7, 2024

This Young Malawian Inventor Reportedly Created An Air-Powered Generator To Supply Homes In His Village With Electricity

A young Malawian inventor has taken matters into his own hands to support his community. VOA Africa reports that Ernest Andrew sparked electricity in his village through an air-powered generator that he created. Andrew claims that what he’s innovated doesn’t require fuel, oil, or batteries. “After realizing that we were facing a lot of problems without using electricity, I thought of trying to make electricity,” Ernest told the outlet. “Now, here we are.” According to Andrew, his generator creates 1,000 volts of electricity and has helped to power nine homes. He aims to build out capacity to connect his entire village as well as a nearby primary school. “This system generates electricity using air. To make a lightbulb illuminate, I use power stored in bottle s,” he explained . “I experiment with magnetic power to determine how much electricity I can produce. After that, I generate power based on the number of houses I want to supply.” The outlet shares that Andrew’s generator has...

Mar 5, 2024

Before His Lifetime Reebok Deal That Will Land Him A $32M Check, Allen Iverson Reveals He Could Have Been The First Signature Athlete To Sign To The Jordan Brand

Allen Iverson grew up loving Jordan shoes, and he almost could have signed with the brand. During an interview with Complex, the basketball legend expresses feeling enamored with Michael Jordan and always desiring to sport his shoes. Little did the Hampton, VA, native realize, he would not only grow up to land his own shoe deal before his rookie season in the NBA but he would be in talks for a signature sneaker with the Jordan Brand. Sports Illustrated mentions that when Iverson was drafted to the NBA in 1996, he caught the attention of every major sneaker company. The Jordan Brand even created a prototype named after Iverson’s nickname “Bubba Chuck” to entice him. Had he signed to the Jordan Brand, he would have became its first signature athlete, Sports Illustrated reports. However, Iverson found Reebok to be the most convincing in its pitch. “Remember that like it was yesterday because that was a big decision for me,” Iverson told Complex. “Just looking back on it, I feel good...

Mar 5, 2024

Reesa Teesa Reveals How Much She's Earned From Her 50-Part 'Who TF Did I Marry' TikTok Series After Speculation That She's Made $100K

Being open about her mistakes in love turned Reesa Teesa into an Internet sensation. Born Teresa Johnson, the New Jersey native has had people on TikTok tuned into her 50-part series, “Who TF Did I Marry?” — millions of viewers to be exact. Released in February 2023, the first part from the series, which details the deception and turmoil she experienced with her ex-husband, “Legion,” has 39.4 million views, as of this writing. What’s more, Reesa Teesa’s followers on TikTok jumped from 8,000 before the full series to now, 3.6 million, as of this writing. @reesamteesa Who TF Did I Marry- Part One #pathologicalliar #reesateesa #fypシ #fyp ♬ original sound – ReesaTeesa Reesa Teesa’s popularity skyrocketing in a short period had people online sharing theories about how much she’s pocketed from her transparency. However, in an interview with The Cut, she cleared the air on the speculation. While social media may have believed that Reesa Teesa raked in $100,000 through TikTok’s creator...

Mar 5, 2024

Big Dave's Cheesesteaks Founder Derrick Hayes Surprises Family-Owned Brooklyn Restaurant With A $40K Check

A family-owned restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, has received financial gains. Torri Clayton, a Harlem native, is the owner of Cheri’s Bedstuy, a venture that opened in 2019 to pay homage to her family and provide more southern cuisine comfort food in Brooklyn, NY. According to Black-Owned Brooklyn, Clayton collected the recipes her family passed down for generations to begin her own restaurant. The venture required sacrifice and risks. The restaurant owner maxed out her credit cards and took out personal loans to bring Cheri’s Bedstuy to life, “Good Morning America” mentioned. What she now calls a “labor of love” has led to menu items including grilled lamb chops, shrimp scampi, and fried lobster tails to be enjoyed by locals. “A labor of love. It was a dream that was realized,” Clayton expressed during a taping of “Good Morning America.” “It was a surprise to my family and the way that they just rallied, and trusted, and stood behind me to make this happen. I cannot be more thankful to...

Mar 5, 2024

Russell Westbrook Joins Target In Building 180 Affordable Housing Units For Residents In His Hometown Of South Central LA

Russell Westbrook is back again with an initiative to support his hometown. The Los Angeles Clippers star has joined Evermont, a project to build 180 affordable housing units in South Los Angeles, CA, reports FOX 11, an affiliate of FOX in Los Angeles. Anchored by Target, the housing development plans to build on a site where the Los Angeles riots happened following the police officers being acquitted after brutally beating Rodney King in 1992. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) In addition to the affordable housing for seniors and families, the Westbrook-backed project will include a SEED school and “community-centered businesses,” the outlet details. Moreover, new jobs will be available for residents. The overall mission is to play a role in shifting the narrative of South Central Los Angeles by leading with civil and community engagement. According to Russell Westbrook Enterprises’ website, Westbrook founded the Russell Westbrook Why Not?...

Mar 4, 2024

Atlanta Mayor Requests Microsoft To Return Its Land If The Company Doesn't Plan To Go Through With Building A Complex That Could Create 15,000 Jobs

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens has dished out a proposal for Microsoft. Bloomberg reports that back in 2021, the technology corporation shared it would build a new complex in Grove Park in Atlanta, GA, with a goal to create 15,000 jobs for the city. However, by 2023, it’s reported that Microsoft placed the project on pause due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, Dickens is putting the spotlight back on the initial commitment from Microsoft. According to the outlet, he is set to reach out to the company about the status of the complex. What’s more, if the plan isn’t going to move forward, he aims to either help seize back the land for Atlanta or team up with a developer. “We really want them to develop their property or offer it back to us so we can develop it,” Dickens told the outlet. “Even if you don’t know what you want to do, just let us know what you know you won’t be able to do.” While Bloomberg notes that Microsoft has yet to comment on Dickens’ statement, the...

Mar 1, 2024

Jada Pinkett Smith Says She Doesn't Act As Much Due To The Pay Gap, Reveals People Have Said 'You Don't Need It, You're Married To Will'

Taraji P. Henson, Mo’Nique, Gabrielle Union, and Octavia Spencer. Many Black actresses have been vocal about pay disparity in Hollywood with these women being some of the latest to address the issue. As previously reported by AFROTECH™, Henson was transparent about her debating on whether to quit acting. “I’m just tired of working so hard, being gracious at what I do, getting paid a fraction of the costs,” Henson said in a Sirius XM interview with Gayle King. “I’m tired of hearing my sisters say the same thing over and over. You get tired. I hear people go, ‘You work a lot.’ I have to. The math ain’t mathin’.” Henson isn’t the only one who has faced the unfortunate reality of stepping back from being an actress due to Hollywood’s pay gap. During an appearance on NPR’s “It’s Been a Minute,” Jada Pinkett Smith shared that while her “heart broke” for Henson, she was also happy that she was courageous enough to speak up. In addition, she related to her fellow actress’ sentiments, but in...

Mar 1, 2024

Nas, Resorts World NYC Unveil A $5B Proposal He Says Could Give 'New Opportunities To The Hard-Working Families' In His Hometown Of Queens

Nas is spearheading a plan to change the landscape of New York City. The music icon has partnered with Resorts World Casino New York City and its parent company, Genting America East, to revitalize his beloved Queens neighborhood. As reported by Commercial Observer, Genting America East executives, including the artist, shared plans for a $5 billion redevelopment endeavor to transform the Resorts World establishment into a “Las Vegas-style casino.” The blueprint for the project includes amenities such as 30 new opportunities for food and beverage vendors, a 7,000-seat performance space, and 1,600 new hotel rooms inside the existing Hyatt Regency at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Genting America East also proposed a 350,000-square-foot extension of the Resorts World casino floor. If approved, the move would position the casino as the largest gambling establishment globally, per the outlet. Beyond revenue-generating additions, the proposal includes housing units that could...

Mar 1, 2024

CEO Adam Aron Says Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' Was One Of The Two Films That Drove 'Literally All' Of AMC Theatres' Increase In 2023 Revenue

The date Oct. 1, 2023, holds weight for the Beyhive for two reasons. One, it’s the day that Beyoncé closed out the “Renaissance World Tour” in Kansas City, MO, and two, that same night she shared a teaser for “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé.” Released on Dec. 1, fans lined up to watch the documentary concert film at AMC Theatres. And while the impact was already felt within that limited time of its showing, a new report shares the true magnitude of it all. According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC Theatres announced that its fourth-quarter revenue for 2023 was $1.10 billion with a net loss of $182 million. In 2022, it had revenue of $990.9 million and a net loss of $287.7 million. The outlet details that AMC Theatres CEO Adam Aron said “literally all” of the company’s increase in revenue was due to Beyoncé and Taylor Swift’s concert films. “What is particularly noteworthy is how much AMC benefited from our trailblazing industry leading efforts with our highly successful distribution...

Feb 29, 2024

Olympic Champion Michael Johnson Is Building A New League To Help Track And Field Athletes Commercialize Their Rights

Although Michael Johnson has since retired from being a pro athlete, he is returning to the sports industry in a different way.

Feb 28, 2024

Are KFC, Taco Bell, And Other Fast-Food Restaurants Using AI To Track Employees?

Employers have officially begun to use artificial intelligence (AI) to track employees’ productivity rates while on the job.

Feb 27, 2024