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How One Black Woman Turned Tragedy Into The Multi-Million Dollar Company Mielle

With hair care being a part of self-care and a cultural point of pride, the products that we use play a significant role in how we style, maintain, and stimulate the growth of our hair . The bond that we build with our products over time becomes unbreakable. We suggest them to our friends and family, snagging them when we’re running low, or they’re randomly on sale. They become a part of us. Like the products of years past, Mielle has gained a similar familiarity amongst their audience combining ingredients to create something effective and inviting. Now, as they find themselves in the middle of continued, major success, we’re taking a trip down memory lane. How did Mielle get started? Let’s look into the details of the brand’s journey. In 2013, Founder and CEO of Mielle Monique Rodriguez suffered the loss of her son. She’d always had a passion for beauty and hair despite developing a career in nursing. Devastation inspired her to reach within towards self-care. She saw how mixing...

Ashley Nash

Mar 29, 2024