A little while ago, social media was buzzing with people creating photos of themselves and their hypothetical children using the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

While that moment was for kicks and giggles, the power of AI is showing up more, making a permanent space in corporate America with tools like ChatGPT. And with the seemingly unlimited expansion of technology’s innovation, the power of AI is slowly limiting employment opportunities for humans.

Netflix is currently offering high six-figure paying jobs for AI experts to step in amid the current writer’s and actor’s strike.

According to BBC, Netflix has listed job postings for AI experts to join the company’s Machine Learning Platform division. This team is responsible for driving the streaming platform’s algorithm that helps viewers determine which shows to watch. The newly announced roles have salaries like the AI product manager role that’s paying up to $900,000 annually.

Although the nearly $1 million salary is the ceiling for members in the department mentioned above, several other openings on the team come in at six figures, Tech Crunch reports.

The irony of the high-paying role comes at the center of Hollywood union members striking over low wages and the increasing impact of AI on the entertainment industry and its pay structure, particularly for writers and actors.

Tech Crunch further notes that an average Screen Actor Guild (SAG) union member earns less than $30,000 per year for acting. In Hollywood, such a salary isn’t considered a livable wage. So, are the new Netflix positions a signal that media companies are using AI to replace on and off-screen talent altogether?

Not quite.

Like many other large corporations, Netflix is exploring how AI can be implemented to expand and offer more efficiency to its operations. However, the gap in pay for the roles centered around technology versus the salary and residuals paid to actors and writers is glaring.

Actress Fran Drescher spoke with TIME Magazine about the strike, noting her thoughts about AI and its potential impact.

“Algorithms dictate how many episodes a season needs to be before you reach a plateau of new subscribers and how many seasons a series needs to be on,” she said.

“We’re being systematically squeezed out of our livelihood by a business model that was foisted upon us, that has created a myriad of problems for everyone up and down the ladder,” she continued.

The job description shows that AI is not directly replacing actors and writers. However, many of the actors believe the job posting could initiate a slippery slope.