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Monty Williams Inks $78.5M Contract, Reportedly The Largest Coaching Deal In NBA-History

There’s a new head honcho in town for the Detroit Pistons.

Jun 1, 2023

Charles Barkley Admits He'd Become A Part Owner Of The Suns If The Rumors About Barack Obama's Interest Are True

Team ownership could very well be in the cards for Charles Barkley and another well-known Black public figure.

Oct 27, 2022

Shaquille O'Neal Expresses Interest In Partnering With Jeff Bezos To Buy The Phoenix Suns

Shaquille O’Neal may have had a change of heart. As AfroTech previously told you, Shaquille O’Neal backed down on his bid for the Phoenix Suns after realizing he would be in competition with Jeff Bezos. “I was open [to the idea of purchasing the team] until I saw the initials JB. Let me tell you something, you don’t mess with James Brown, you don’t mess with Jeff Bezos,” he said on The Big Podcast. “When the boys come on stage, get your ass and go. So, Jeff said he wants it and a couple of other heavy hitters said they want it. I’m not even gonna put my name in the bucket on this one. I’m not.”

Oct 3, 2022

Shaquille O'Neal Wanted To Buy The Phoenix Suns Until He Saw This Tech Billionaire's Name

Shaquille O’Neal considered purchasing the Phoenix Suns — that was until he saw a multi-billionaire in the mix.

Sep 29, 2022

The Sun Is Shining On NBA Forward Devin Booker As Phoenix Offers Him Supermax Deal Worth $224M

The NBA offseason is one of the most unpredictable times in the world of sports. With the recent conclusion of the draft, big-name superstars requesting trades, and significant contributors holding out for the perfect negotiation window — sports analysts and fans alike sit in anticipation of the next big move. Into the spotlight from this busy season, Devin Booker ascended. The Phoenix Suns’ small forward recently secured a duffle-sized bag. Booker reached a four-year veteran supermax extension valued at $224 million.

Jul 7, 2022

Phoenix Suns' Bismack Biyombo To Donate His NBA Salary To Build A Hospital In The Congo

NBA player Bismack Biyombo has been an active source of support for his home country of the Congo, and his latest heartwarming announcement is no different. The Phoenix Suns center is donating his entire 2021-22 salary to build a hospital in the Congo to pay homage to his late father, according to Bleacher Report. The generous contribution was announced in a video from his charity foundation, which “creates opportunity for game changers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)” through athletics, education, and health, per its website. After initially leaving basketball in the fall of 2021 due to the loss of his father, Biyombo returned under the condition of him playing on the court being for a greater cause. “What I told my agent was my salary for this year would be going to the construction of a hospital back home to give hope to the hopeless,” he shared in the video. “And those individuals who can not take their family members out and want to be able to give them better...

Mar 14, 2022

NBA's Chris Paul Joins Digital Media Startup Greenfly As Strategic Investor And Partner

Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul is one of the newest faces to join digital media startup Greenfly’s latest funding round, and the perks come with some new titles. TechCrunch reports that the NBA All-Star’s investment will have him serve as a strategic investor and partner in the company through its $8.4 million strategic growth round. Existing investors in the round include Go4it Capital, Elysian Park Ventures, Alpha Edison and Iconica Partners, as well as others like Verance Capital, Higher Ground Labs, DD Venture Capital, SW19 Ventures, LinkinFirm and Allievo Capital. Greenfly’s new funding round puts the company at over $23 million raised since it was first founded by former Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Shawn Green and his cousin Daniel Kirschner — who previously served in senior roles at the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Communications Commission and Activision Blizzard. Greenfly is a company that considers itself a “leader in digital media monetization,”...

Aug 24, 2021

NBA's Chris Paul Invests In Koia To Make Plant-Based Lifestyles Accessible For The Black Community

Nutritional food disparities are a prominent issue in Black and Brown communities due to disadvantaged socioeconomic area’s access to fewer stores. To combat this issue, 11-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul aims to provide these same communities with healthier alternatives. “I’m from North Carolina. So, I grew up eating after church on Sunday. I’m at my Granny’s house; we got the full spread of soul food laid out. A lot of times, eating that way is a part of your culture and history, and your way of life,” Paul shared in an interview with For(bes) the Culture . The Phoenix star shocked fans after adopting a plant-based diet preceding a career-low with the Houston Rockets for the 2018-2019 season. The newfound lifestyle produced substantial results for Paul, crediting faster recovery periods and greater stamina, The Beet previously reported. Yesterday, Paul announced a new financial venture with leading plant-based protein manufacturer Koia . The partnership aims to ensure healthy foods...

Aug 20, 2021

Big Sean & The Detroit Pistons Utilize 'TikTok Resumes' To Find Their Next Intern

Could you be the next intern for Big Sean a nd The Detroit Pistons? According to All Hip-Hop , the NBA team will become the first professional sports team to utilize the “TikTok Resumes” pilot program. Detroit native Big Sean will assist the Pistons in scouting the team’s new apprentice. The intern will be hired to support both the rapper and his hometown team’s marketing department. Big Sean shared his thoughts about the ideal candidate in a TikTok video. “I’m looking for a Creative Innovation intern to work with me and the Detroit Pistons because you know we got the #1 draft pick,” said Big Sean. “I’m looking for someone that’s passionate, someone that’s about that basketball culture, somebody who knows music and lifestyle marketing.” The social media platform launched “TikTok Resumes” this month with the goal of presenting new ways for talented job seekers to find career paths through employers that include Chipotle, Target, WWE, and of course, the Pistons. “‘TikTok Resumes’ is...

Jul 8, 2021