There’s a new head honcho in town for the Detroit Pistons.

According to ESPN, Monty Williams has officially signed as the NBA franchise’s new head coach in a $78.5 million, six-year deal. The move makes him the highest-paid coach in the league’s history.

The Deal

What’s more, Forbes reports that he has the opportunity to receive incentives as a part of signing on with the Detroit team. This could put him well over $100 million over the course of eight years.

Previously, Williams served as the leader of the Phoenix Suns, but was ultimately let go in early May 2023 after four seasons when the team lost to the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference semifinals.

Despite having lost two key players, point guard Chris Paul and center Deandre Ayton, to injuries, Williams took full accountability for not seeing his team to a victory against the Nuggets.

“I take that personally, not having our team ready to play in the biggest game of the year,” said Williams following the loss, per the Detroit Free Press. “That’s something that I pride myself on and it just didn’t happen… That’s something I have to take a deep look at everything I’m doing.”

In 2022, Williams was named NBA Coach of the Year, finishing with a regular season record of 194-115 and 27-19 in the playoffs.

During his tenure, the Suns broke a franchise record of 64 games during the 2021-22 season, before ultimately making their way to the 2021 NBA Finals.

Williams’ duties are set out for him as ESPN reports the Pistons’ last winning season was during 2015-16, and they have since gone seven seasons without finishing over .500.