The NBA offseason is one of the most unpredictable times in the world of sports. With the recent conclusion of the draft, big-name superstars requesting trades, and significant contributors holding out for the perfect negotiation window — sports analysts and fans alike sit in anticipation of the next big move.

Into the spotlight from this busy season, Devin Booker ascended. The Phoenix Suns’ small forward recently secured a duffle-sized bag. Booker reached a four-year veteran supermax extension valued at $224 million.

Supermax Deal

The 25-year-old NBA All-star is entering his fourth year in the NBA. After a successful entry into the league, Booker previously extended his rookie contract, which currently had two years remaining at a little over $70 million. With the new deal in place, Booker’s overall contract is now worth roughly $295 million over six years.

According to Spotrac, Booker’s new $224 million contract extension will begin at the onset of the 2024-2025 season. He will have an average salary of about $56 million with a dead cap salary of $62,062,000 at the end of his extension period.

A Future Generation Leader

The face of the franchise, Booker, is now locked in with the Phoenix Suns through 2028. Last season, he averaged 26.8 points, five rebounds, and 4.8 assists. He also appeared in his third NBA All-Star Game and finished fourth in the league’s MVP voting lineup, according to

In the 2020-2021 season, alongside veteran-star Chris Paul, Booker led the Suns to the NBA Finals. The most recent season’s championship race was cut off even shorter after losing to the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference semifinals.

The Suns’ significant investment in Booker and his talent speaks to the team’s hopes of reaching the finals again and hopefully bringing home the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.

Success Off The Court

In addition to his NBA influence, AfroTech previously reported Booker’s involvement as an ambassador for Sweetgreen. He joined the ranks of Naomi Osaka as the second high-profile athlete representing the brand looking to redefine traditional fast food.

Booker was also part of Autograph’s “The Future is…” brand campaign. The campaign featured a list of top young athletes, including individuals like Coco Gauff, an American professional tennis star, and Collin Morikawa, an American professional golfer and two-time major champion.