Team ownership could very well be in the cards for Charles Barkley and another well-known Black public figure.

Charles Weighs In On Partial Ownership

While speaking on The Bill Simmons Podcast, Charles Barkley had a chance to weigh in on how he views minority stake ownership.

What’s more, he seemingly had some pushback, initially, as it pertains to his interest in joining the race for the Phoenix Suns.

Charles on his interest in partial ownership: “I am very well paid, but I don’t have $4 billion just sitting around,” Barkley said. “The team is probably gonna go for like $4 billion and yeah, I got money. I’m not gonna waste a lot of money for 5 percent so I can say, ‘I’m one of the owners of a team.’”

He continued: “My ego’s not like, ‘Yeah, I’m one of the owners of the Suns. I got like $20 million in it, I own a percentage.’ I’d probably rather have the $20 million, personally.”

President Barack Obama Rumored To Be Part Of The Ownership Group For Phoenix Suns

Barkley seemed to be strongly convicted with his take until Simmons revealed former President Barack Obama’s name is floating around for a piece of the pie.

“I’m probably breaking some news here, but I heard Obama’s involved in one of the groups,” Simmons told Barkley. “And that’s the one guy that I feel like they would make him the actual face [of the group], and the money guys would be so happy to have him in the front.”

Barkley Has A Change Of Heart

“Well timeout, If Obama called me, hell yeah I’m buying in,” Barkley responded. “If President Obama calls me and says ‘Hey would you to be part owner of the team’, hell yeah.’ I got so much love and admiration for that guy.”

Shaquille O’Neal also has an interest: Barkley isn’t the only former basketball goat who has expressed some form of interest in the Phoenix Suns. As AfroTech previously reported, Shaquille O’Neal also considered the idea. However, he lowered his interest after seeing he would be up against Jeff Bezos.

“I was open [to the idea of purchasing the team] until I saw the initials JB. Let me tell you something, you don’t mess with James Brown, you don’t mess with Jeff Bezos,” Shaq said on The Big Podcast.

He continued: “When the boys come on stage, get your ass and go. So, Jeff said he wants it and a couple of other heavy hitters said they want it. I’m not even gonna put my name in the bucket on this one. I’m not.