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16-Year-Old Wesley Ross is Securing Government Contracts and Making International Deals

Most teens are celebrating graduations or wrapping up another school year right now, but Woodbury teen Wesley Ross has bigger things on his mind. According to Shoppe Black , when businesses all over were frantically searching for masks at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Ross’ budding company, NorthStar Dynamics , managed to track them down in a factory overseas. The disposable three-ply masks are only a small venture for Ross’ company, but the niche lane he’s created for himself has made it possible to secure government contracts in the business world. “I have always tried to do big things,” said Ross. “I was not meant to be an everyday high-schooler.” Now he spends his time bidding on contracts most big businesses ignore by scouting the internet for small contracts for things the government needs. Upon doing so, he then finds a manufacturer to make it, a trucking company to deliver it and a buyer to accept it, Shoppe Black reports . Despite the contracts being small, Ross...

Jun 11, 2020