Idris Elba has added another venture to his growing list. 

The actor has partnered with Miroma Group Founder and CEO Marc Boyan to launch an international global marketing and content business, SillyFace, according to a news release. The company’s mission is to bring forth new storytellers as well as build a space in brand marketing that leads with creativity, fun, and ideation.

“I’m at my creative best when I am relaxed, not anxious or considering all the ‘what ifs,’” Elba shared in a statement. “However, this isn’t always the atmosphere that creatives are faced with when brand building. SillyFace is here to bring back that feeling of creative excellence.”

“We want more voices, more views and open, mutually respected ideation,” he added. “This new venture will give me the ability to create powerful marketing campaigns. Campaigns that will truly resonate and engage with the people I want to connect with. It will also allow me to share my knowledge and experience with other brands and co-create campaigns we’re all proud of. This is just the start for us. I can’t wait to get started.” 

Elba and Boyan’s SillyFace is working to serve as a new approach for marketers and consumers, the press release notes. What’s more, it will help clients with creative ideation, content creation, distribution, and more.

“On a daily basis, I work alongside global brands who are struggling to understand the intersection between modern cultural trends, brand identity and its consumer base. It is creating apprehension and hindering creative storytelling,” said Boyan. SillyFace has been created to lean into culture and new global trends, offering a fun environment to get creative rather than be afraid.  Idris and I are both from underrepresented backgrounds and we see the world a little differently.  We’re aiming to bring our thinking to brands to give people a voice and share stories that resonate with the consumer, whilst keeping the brand safe from criticism.” 

In 2023, SillyFace’s first three offices are set to open in London, New York, and Los Angeles.