Pharrell Williams has stamped a new title in the fashion world.

As AFROTECH previously mentioned, Williams serves as the men’s creative director for Louis Vuitton, succeeding the late Virgil Abloh. Enchanted by Williams’ vision in music and art, as well as his status as a global icon, Louis Vuitton felt assured that he would push the boundaries in fashion, per reports.

In June 2023, Williams debuted his first collection during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, France. He has since followed up with inspiration from the American West for his sophomore collection.

That’s not Williams’ only new update in the realm of fashion. According to WWD, he has been named an adviser of international fashion brand Human Made. The announcement was made by Human Made Founder Nigo via Instagram.

“Welcoming Pharrell as an advisor to the HUMAN MADE team,” Nigo wrote.


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Williams’ involvement with the company dates back to its initial launch in 2010. He served as an investor in the company, and Nigo now adds the company’s trajectory “is going great guns at the moment.”

Additionally, Nigo and Williams have been well acquainted in the fashion sphere through other ventures, which include clothing lines Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream, and auction house Joopiter, Essence reports.

Now, the duo will tag team with Brian Donnelly, who also serves as an adviser at Human Made, to bring new life to the brand.

“He didn’t have an official role and I thought it was time to make it official that he’s actually advising on the direction of the brand,” Nigo told WWD.

He added, “I’ve really just started talking about it with Pharrell now in this position, and Brian Donnelly [known professionally as Kaws] is also an adviser. So now the three of us are officially going to have this responsibility and we’re going to start working out plans.”