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This 33-Year-Old Entrepreneur Made $1.2M In Under Nine Hours With His Real Fruit Hookah Products, Which Are Nicotine And Tobacco-Free

This Black entrepreneur is on to something. After he says he made over $1 million in under nine hours, music artist and entrepreneur Blakk Tatted knew he had something special with his company Blakk Smoke. Courtesy of Blakk Smoke Unlike other competitors in the market, the brand offers products with real fruit, no-nicotine, and no-tobacco substances. Tatted conjured the idea because he wanted to introduce a product to Hookah lovers that didn’t include a harmful substance. “Hookah is my passion, but anybody that’s an avid hookah smoker knows the feeling that it gives you afterward. It’s just not worth it,” Tatted told AfroTech exclusively. “Being an advocate for hookah and telling people you should try, you would love it, I felt guilty because I know it’s not the best thing to introduce to people. Many people are influenced by me, so if I’m going to do something, I will hope I’m setting the best example possible. That’s when I wanted to create a healthier alternative for people.”

Aug 15, 2022

Mary J. Blige’s Tour Partners With Medical Tech Company Hologic To Raise Health Awareness For Black Women

Adored by aunties and soul lovers globally, Mary J. Blige will be gracing the stage for her Good Morning Gorgeous tour while also raising awareness for Black women’s health.

Jun 16, 2022

Black Men Are Dying At Increasing Rates From Sleep Apnea Compared To Their White Counterparts, Study Finds

An increasing number of Black men are dying from sleep apnea, according to a University at Buffalo-Catholic Health System study.  

May 11, 2022

Ice-T Becomes The New Face Of Cheerios To Promote Health And Wellness

Ice-T just linked up with Cheerios to promote health and wellness. Yahoo! Entertainment reports Ice-T will serve as a coach for its promotional campaign “Pour Your Heart Into It.” Announced Wednesday, a workout series is set to launch in hopes of encouraging more Americans to live healthier lives through body movement, and of course, a hard to resist bowl of Cheerios. “This stuff doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as simple as a bowl of Cheerios and a walk around the block,” Ice-T said, according to AllHipHop. “That’s why I wanted to join Buzz to share some different ways to start to get your heart pumping regularly, and help make diet and exercise a happy part of your day.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Cheerios (@cheerios)

Jan 31, 2022

Queen Latifah Opens Up About Obesity For Campaign With Pharmaceutical Company Nova Nordisk

Queen Latifah is debunking the false stereotypes of obesity in her latest campaign with pharmaceutical company Nova Nordisk. AfroTech previously reported that Queen Latifah signed an audible deal to highlight activists in different sectors. Now, her latest venture hits closer to home as she tackles an issue that has loomed over her career for decades. Conceptualized with director Chris Robinson, “It’s Bigger Than Me” allows Latifah to share her experience of living with obesity through four impactful and creative video snippets. View this post on Instagram A post shared by It's Bigger Than Me (@itsbiggerthan) As a star in the industry, Latifah developed insecurities struggling to maintain a healthy weight in the limelight. The Hollywood actress first learned she was obese upon working with a trainer for a movie role earlier in her career. “I fell into the category of obesity, and it took a trainer to educate me about what it was when I was trying to lose weight for a project,”...

Oct 12, 2021

Health And Wellness Advocate Will Smith Becomes Fitbit's Newest Ambassador

Will Smith ’s fitness journey on Instagram has been inspirational to watch as he puts health first. Now, fans can join in and get in shape with him and his trainers. The actor , rapper and producer recently became the newest ambassador for Fitbit — a fitness and activity tracker. According to a blog post, Fitbit Premium members will have access to exclusive content of Smith’s video series for not only focusing on physical wellness but also fitting mental wellness into one’s daily routine. The first session will be available on Sept. 27. Smith has been sporting the Fitbit Charge 4 and an upgrade of the Charge 5, Fitbit’s latest device, is on its way. Along with the news of Smith’s partnership, the fitness company revealed the new Charge 5 in its press release and it’s set to take health and fitness tracking to the next level. Fitbit describes its wellness benefits as “helping you keep a pulse on your stress, exercise readiness, heart health and overall well-being all in a thinner...

Aug 26, 2021

Former Googler Megan Gray Develops Health Monitoring Technology For Drivers

Megan Gray —  a former Google employee — has established herself and her startup, Moment AI, as respected names in the (Artificial Intelligence) AI startup world. Gray and the Moment AI team are on a mission to integrate health monitoring into the driving experience so that drivers can be alerted to potential deadly health episodes even before they begin to feel ill. Moment AI has participated in the Softbank and WeWork-backed Emerge accelerator . Gray has also spoken at NVIDIA’s GTC DC and several conferences about the work she and the Moment AI team are doing to make the roads safer for everyone. Moment AI also holds a patent for the technology they’ve developed. For Gray, Moment AI’s mission is all too personal. Where It All Started For The Former Googler When Gray suffered a seizure on a flight one day, she was left completely confused. Up until that day, she had been a healthy young woman with no medical issues. “It felt like something was kicking me in my head,” she explained...

May 6, 2021

9 Holistic Health Practitioners, Herbalists and Advocates Who Promote Preventative Wellness on Instagram

Chadwick Boseman ‘s passing on Friday, Aug. 28 rocked the world. His fans and colleagues not only mourned his untimely death at age 43 but were also shocked by the news of his silent battle with colorectal cancer. Boseman was diagnosed with the disease in stage three in 2016 but remained tight-lipped about his health as he brought massive characters to the silver screen, including Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, and most notably, Marvel’s Black Panther. And while Boseman’s transition has been an unfortunate addition to the list of lives lost this year, it has also highlighted the need for more Black people to get regular screenings for the disease. According to the American Cancer Society, Black men and women get colon cancer at higher rates —24 and 19 percent, respectively—compared to other races. Additionally, INOVA says that Black people have the highest incidence of colorectal cancer and have the shortest survival rate of most cancers. In honor of Boseman’s life and legacy,...

Sep 7, 2020

From Greene Realty to Greene Moments: How One Real Estate Entrepreneur is Building a Business Empire

Augustine Diji is no stranger to real estate. He grew up the son of a proud psychiatrist who practiced in Buffalo, New York. Early on, his father planted the seeds of ownership and strategic action. The memory cemented his understanding of property acquisition as a tool for wealth building that would change his own life trajectory. While Diji became an adult and went on to practice law, his understanding of real estate and related issues enabled him to easily acquire several properties to build wealth. However, the economic downturn of the late 2000s found him in danger of losing his very foundation. Over a two-year period, Diji fought desperately to retain all that he had worked so hard to acquire. The battle to maintain his property represented a personal and professional tug of war in other areas of his life. Diji emerged, but not unscathed. Grateful for having overcome his situation, he turned his experience into opportunities to give back. He began coaching friends and...

Feb 5, 2020

Customizable Cookbook Redefines Your Culinary Experience With Culture in Mind

Wholesome eating just got easier, thanks to a new culinary tool that supports healthy living. The brainchild of Shaun Chavis, LVNGbook offers users a customizable cookbook, based on food selections. LVNGbook’s dynamic capabilities make it ideal for those seeking to incorporate specific provisions into their daily food regimen. Chavis, a former cookbook editor for Time, Inc., came up with the idea while researching options for a friend who was diagnosed with a chronic disease. The disease left her friend struggling with a list of foods to incorporate into, or exclude from, her diet, and it caused Chavis to consider how to help others in similar situations. By partnering with Ntegral — a tech services company — to create an interactive digital platform, and consulting with a registered dietician, Chavis was able to build a database of heart-healthy, 30-minute recipes that cater to a variety of needs and palettes. LVNGbook’s interactive platform enables users to specify their dietary...

Jan 10, 2020

A Drone Delivered a Kidney to a Patient in Baltimore. Marking a Potential Breakthrough for Organ Donations

Time is of the essence when it comes to getting organs to patients who need them, and a recent test may have sparked a breakthrough in how they’re delivered.   On April 19, a drone successfully delivered a donor kidney to surgeons at the University of Maryland Medical Center . It marked the first time a drone has been used to deliver an organ to a transplant patient. The drone traveled about three miles to deliver the kidney, according to MIT Technology Review .  According to a UMMC press release, the patient was a 44-year-old woman from Baltimore who’d spent eight years on dialysis before the procedure. She was discharged a few days later. Dr. Joseph R. Scalea, assistant professor of surgery at UMSOM, and one of the surgeons who performed the transplant at UMMC, said: “There remains a woeful disparity between the number of recipients on the organ transplant waiting list and the total number of transplantable organs. This new technology has the potential to help widen the donor...

May 1, 2019

That Mental Health App You're Using May Be Sharing Your Data Without You Knowing, Study Finds

Mental health apps have grown in popularity, as people use them to track moods, substance use, and more. The data gathered by these apps is personal, so it’s really important that it stays private. However, a new study has found that some mental health apps are sharing data without permission. The study found that out of 36 mental health apps, 29 were sharing data to services provided by Facebook or Google. Out of the 12 apps transmitting data to Facebook, only six disclosed what they were doing, while 12 out of 28 Google-linked apps did the same. For the study , researchers searched the Android and iOS app stores in the United States and Australia using the terms “depression” and “smoking cessation.” Due to the nature of the apps, they included information like health diaries and voluntary tracking of substance use — which some apps shared. The sharing of health data opens up a lot of concerns for some physicians. Steven Chan, a physician at Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care...

Apr 22, 2019

A Chinese Gay Dating App Is Halting Registration After Reports Of Underage Users Contracting HIV

Chinese gay dating app, Blued, has stopped registration for new users for a week after underage users contracted HIV from dates set up through the app, according to reporting by Caixin Global. In September, China reported a 14 percent increase in the number of HIV cases in the country, with 40,000 new cases being reported by the second quarter of the year. Blued, the largest networking app for the LGBTQ community, has been cracking down on underage users and is using artificial intelligence to rid the platform of pornography. “Blued always forbids juveniles from logging on and using the app,” Blued said in a statement on its Weibo account. According to Caixin, Blued’s lack of age verification methods made it easy for underage users to create profiles on the app. Blued currently has 40 million users worldwide, and is also the owner of another popular gay dating app, Grindr.

Jan 9, 2019