9 Holistic Health Practitioners, Herbalists and Advocates Who Promote Preventative Wellness on Instagram
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9 Holistic Health Practitioners, Herbalists and Advocates Who Promote Preventative Wellness on Instagram

Chadwick Boseman‘s passing on Friday, Aug. 28 rocked the world. His fans and colleagues not only mourned his untimely death at age 43 but were also shocked by the news of his silent battle with colorectal cancer.

Boseman was diagnosed with the disease in stage three in 2016 but remained tight-lipped about his health as he brought massive characters to the silver screen, including Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, and most notably, Marvel’s Black Panther. And while Boseman’s transition has been an unfortunate addition to the list of lives lost this year, it has also highlighted the need for more Black people to get regular screenings for the disease.

According to the American Cancer Society, Black men and women get colon cancer at higher rates—24 and 19 percent, respectively—compared to other races. Additionally, INOVA says that Black people have the highest incidence of colorectal cancer and have the shortest survival rate of most cancers.

In honor of Boseman’s life and legacy, Black people can educate themselves and practice holistic ways to prevent such diseases and other illnesses that plague the Black community, especially with food. In Ryan Coogler’s written tribute to Boseman, he mentions that the actor’s last acts of kindness were sending meals to the Coogler family during the quarantine.

“It hurts more to know that we can’t have another conversation, or facetime, or text message exchange,” Coogler wrote. “He would send vegetarian recipes and eating regimens for my family and me to follow during the pandemic.  He would check in on me and my loved ones, even as he dealt with the scourge of cancer.”

Here is a list of holistic health practitioners, herbalists, and advocates who promote preventative wellness on Instagram. Dive in to find natural recipes, medicines, and more to stay healthy.

Dr. Bobby J. Price

Known as Doctor Holistic, Price is a plant-based nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and Doctor of Pharmacy. In his most recent post, he discusses ways to prevent colon cancer with vegan foods and detoxification. “Especially in the African American community, we have a fiber-less diet,” he said, “and fiber is critical to our health.

Dr. Carmen James

Lifestyle changes require some guidance, especially when it comes to health. Dr. Carmen James—a holistic doctor and health coach—provides guide books, coaching sessions, and a 21-day detox to help clients develop a plan to live a healthier life. James also specializes in medical cannabis to help relieve period pain and PCOS symptoms.

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today is THE day!!! Day 1! lets see those leafy greens! 🥬🥬🥬 my smoothie here has: kale, spinach, cucumber, apples (heavy on the sweet apples), lots of coconut water, ginger, lemon, dates. and my body is HAPPY! 🥳 for those of you just catching up: we’re doing a 7 day #leafygreenchallenge bc i posted something last Saturday & noticed how much our community might need something like this. the ask is simple: add some leafy greens to each day this week. that’s it. not asking you to go plant-based, not asking you to do anything but increase your leafy green intake for this ONE week. details in my last post. some of y’all started yesterday & I’m so stoked by all my mentions. y’all showin OUT. out of curiosity, who’s already had something leafy & green so far today? i know it’s still kinda early, but I’d love to know! or, who got their groceries yesterday so they can flex on us 1 time today?! tell meeeeee 👀👀👀👀

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Aala Marra

Healer Aala Marra cured her autoimmune disease through research of gut health and the use of herbs and ancient African nutrition. After three months, Marra’s symptoms completely cleared up, she told xoNecole in an interview, which prompted her to launch Aala Care, a program that helps people heal their bodies naturally. “I knew that there were people who could identify with it or it could at least reach people that needed to hear it, and it’s just my truth,” she said. “I wanted to celebrate it and definitely advocate for wellness and health and destigmatize it.”

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Topic: Vegans and Vitamins

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Dr. Ruby Lathon

Dr. Ruby Lathon is a Washington, D.C.-based certified holistic nutritionist and thyroid cancer survivor. As an advocate for self-healing through whole food and plant-based nutrition, her page provides a wealth of tips and advice on vitamins, vegan meals, and other natural ways to combat and prevent illnesses.

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LOVED the rich and transformative conversation with @EricaCobb sharing my story and work in support of #FibroidsAwareness Month on her #ComebackWithEricaCobb Podcast. We discussed the Fibroids pandemic that affects up to 70% of White women and 90% of Black Women by age 50, #Infertility, Stress, Self-Care and more! Visit www.Comeback.Tv for the whole conversation! #KeepSharingTheMic #Comeback #Repost @ericacobb @CoachGessie — Gessie Thompson is a nutritionist, health coach @TheDetoxNow and a wealth of knowledge on #fibroids from prevention to cure. She shares her captivating success story with us and how she used it to help other women! The full Podcast is LIVE on all platforms and on my online home, link in bio!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣#FibroidAwarenessMonth #CoachGessie #ComebackWithEricaCobb #ComebackTV #Sunday #Health #Wellness

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Coach Gessie Thompson

Black women are prone to fibroids, but nutritionist and health coach Gessie Thompson is living proof that the proper detox and nutrition can help prevent and cure the noncancerous growths. Through her Detox Living program, Thompson provides a consultation, food lists, and other resources to eliminate existing fibroids and combat regrowth.

Byron Linnell

Wellness For Creatives founder Byron Linnell approaches holistic wellness through mental health and fitness. The certified wellness coach hosts events that highlight how creativity, meditation practices, and physical exercise contribute to great health.

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✨I’m making free medicine for Black people✨ MEDICINE OUT OF STOCK FOR NOW! Thank you for all of the generous donations and sweet notes – I’ll be packaging and sending these out in the next couple of weeks, and will reopen the order form with new offerings once restocked later this month 💜💜💜 I had a big thing written about the revolution and revolt that is pride and it really is about the every day. If you’re just arriving to the revolution, welcome. If you’ve been here for a minute, don’t forget to take care of yourself and let yourself be cared for. I am a dyke, a maker, a lover, and will be a student forever. We’re all evolving 🌎 In support of Black trans lives, this time around I’m offering herbal blends to soothe the nervous system (stress, panic, anxiety) and promote more restful sleep. Full list of offerings below, order form in my bio for more info on each. 🦋for your nerves🦋 •tulsi + rose elixir •tulsi + rose oxymel (alcohol free) •rose elixir •milky oat tops tincture •motherwort + cinnamon tincture 💤for restful sleep💤 •valerian root and peppermint tincture •valerian toot and peppermint oxymel (alcohol-free) For non-black people who would like to support this work, I am accepting donations via Venmo (@ Marisa-Hall) to sustain the cost of supplies, shipping, and ongoing donations to organizations supporting black trans lives 💚 DM’s are open if you have any questions! #blacktranslivesmatter

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Marisa Hall

At times, healing requires medicine, and for Marisa Hall, the best medicine comes from the earth. As a Certified Community Herbalist, Hall makes herbal medicine for Black people, influenced by her ancestors who gardened and grew their own food. In an interview, she emphasizes plant-based medicine compared to western healing practices. “The western medical system is all about treating symptoms. Numbing pain instead of trying to figure out what is causing pain and offering slow, tender care to that place while also finding ways to offer relief. And I think that folk medicine and western medicine can exist and work in tandem, for sure, but holisticism is so central to how I think about care and addressing disease.”

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Y’all are always asking us about our favorite books to learn more about IE/HAES/ body acceptance and social justice as it relates to size and health, here are a few of my fav books to get started (or continue on your journey). Since many of us are spending more time at home, this is the perfect off to read up on some of these important topics. Please don’t feel overwhelmed! I recommend starting with one book a month and going from there. ——— Here are the titles and authors in the order mentioned: 📖 Intuitive Eating @evelyntribole and @elyseresch 📖 Health at Every Size @lindobacon 📖 Fearing the Black Body (The racial organs of fat phobia) Sabrina Strings (anyone have her IG?) 📖 Anti Diet @chr1styharrison 📖 You Have the Right to Remain Fat @virgietovar 📖 The Happiness Trap @happiness_trap_program 📖 The Eating Instinct @v_solesmith 📖 Body Kindness @rebeccascritchfield 📖 Healthy Eating for Life: The intuitive Eating Workbook @streetsmart.rd ——— I loveeee all of these books and highly recommend each of them. Listen to the full video to get my take on what each one provides. Most of these authors have been on the podcast, so make sure to check out the related episodes! Ps. What am I missing? Especially looking for more black and brown IE/HAES/Body image authors!! Also would love if you can drop names of additional body image specific books that were helpful. Each one teach one! ❤️❤️❤️ Jess #intuitiveeating #healthateverysize #haes #bodyimage #bodyrespect

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Wendy and Jess

It’s not just what you eat that can help promote good health, it’s also how you eat. Dieticians and diabetes educators Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones believe that intuitive and mindful eating, which encourages eaters to listen to their body’s needs. Most importantly, these best friends want to make food more accessible. “We think it’s really important to not make wellness a one dimensional, one size fits all conversation,” they said in an interview. “Our motto is that we all have the power to define what wellness looks like for us, and for most people, it’s going to be a lot different than what we see on Instagram.”

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