Wholesome eating just got easier, thanks to a new culinary tool that supports healthy living. The brainchild of Shaun Chavis, LVNGbook offers users a customizable cookbook, based on food selections. LVNGbook’s dynamic capabilities make it ideal for those seeking to incorporate specific provisions into their daily food regimen.

Chavis, a former cookbook editor for Time, Inc., came up with the idea while researching options for a friend who was diagnosed with a chronic disease. The disease left her friend struggling with a list of foods to incorporate into, or exclude from, her diet, and it caused Chavis to consider how to help others in similar situations. By partnering with Ntegral — a tech services company — to create an interactive digital platform, and consulting with a registered dietician, Chavis was able to build a database of heart-healthy, 30-minute recipes that cater to a variety of needs and palettes.

LVNGbook’s interactive platform enables users to specify their dietary or religious restrictions, as well as regional and ethnic food preferences, a benefit that Chavis touts.

“When people get recipes from a care provider, too often they feel like they have to choose between their health or their cultural heritage. There’s an implication that traditional dishes aren’t healthy. But ongoing research shows traditional diets — including African and Latin American cuisines — can help prevent and manage disease. So I’m really excited about helping people discover that there’s health in their roots,” Chavis said.

Healthy desserts are also among LVNGbook’s available recipe options. For the cherry on top, cookbook users can choose from a variety of personalized covers and custom designs. Shopping lists are automatically generated for each recipe, making the preparation process from the grocery store to the table that much easier. For those looking to make long-term lifestyle changes, LVNGbook includes a guide to healthy habit development, courtesy of Chavis’ consultation with Duke University behavioral scientist Julie O’Brien.

LVNGbook officially launches next month. In the meantime, customers can check out LVNGbook meet-up events designed to introduce them to healthy food options.