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Post-AFROTECH Conference: Turning Connections Into Long-Term Relationships

Thousands of conferences happen each year in the United States, but there is something special about AFROTECH. With thousands of technologists, professionals, and entrepreneurs descending in one place across several days, the conference presents a unique opportunity for attendees to return to their respective spaces better than they left them. One of the many ways betterment shows up is through the power of relationships. Because there is so much diversity in who shows up to AFROTECH, leaving a conference of that magnitude without intentionally connecting would be a huge missed opportunity. Thankfully, many people have figured out that tapping into community is one of the many cheat codes to success. Cultivating relationships with those you met at AFROTECH could be the catalyst to changing your future.

Nov 10, 2023

Day 4: We Had A Time Again — Here's What's Gone Down So Far At AFROTECH Conference 2023

At this point, you should give yourself a round of applause (no Waka Flocka ) or at least a pat on the back. AFROTECH is an amazing experience, but it is not for the faint of heart. You made it! With sessions and activities taking place all day, there is little time to rest but a ton of time to grow and leave Austin, TX, better than you came. And that is the hope: taking advantage of everything your capacity can handle. Whether it’s soaking in the knowledge to take your business to the next level or having an on-site interview for your upcoming career shift, AFROTECH hopes your experience has been one you will talk about for years to come. So what’s left? There is so much more. Let’s take a deep dive into what’s on the schedule.

Nov 4, 2023

Day 3: 'Who Runs The World? Girls!' AFROTECH Celebrates Women

James Brown said, “This is a man’s world.” However, he had the foresight to finish that thought by admitting it would be “nothing without a woman or a girl.” Throughout history, countless amazing women have challenged Brown’s initial statement with incredible examples of leadership, influence, and innovation. AFROTECH Conference understands this fact, and today’s vibe is centered around the ladies.

Nov 3, 2023

President Joe Biden Issues Letter Celebrating AFROTECH Conference's Efforts Of 'Putting Racial Equity At The Core'

In case you weren’t already aware, AFROTECH Conference 2023 officially kicked off on Nov. 1 in Austin, TX!  

Nov 2, 2023

Day 2: We Are More Than Tech — AFROTECH Conference From All Angles

When you hear the word AFROTECH, it is fair to assume that the conference is a space exclusively reserved for technologists, which couldn’t be further from the truth. AFROTECH Conference is a diverse and inclusive space. Advancing technologists, entrepreneurs, and professionals across various industries is the goal. With that said, day two of the conference offers the chance to explore the range of options for attendees at this year’s conference. No matter the background, there is something for everyone. Let’s explore what today is all about.

Nov 2, 2023

AFROTECH Takes Over Sunday Funday In Austin, TX, With A Curated Brunch Crawl

It’s AFROTECH Conference week, and the good vibes are set. It’s almost like you can smell the Black excellence in the air. With heaving-hitting speakers like Issa Rae, Robert F. Smith, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters — the conference week is laced with anticipation and an understanding that no ticket holder will leave AFROTECH the same. Don’t get it twisted, however. It has been said once, but it is worth repeating. Those who work hard deserve to play hard. That mantra will also be active this week, with programming from official entertainment partners and the AFROTECH Music Stage with Rick Ross and Jadakiss. And in true AFROTECH fashion, the level-up does not end there. The vibes of the conference will go into the final day with a Sunday Funday situation during the AFROTECH Brunch Crawl. As you line those outfits up to bring to Austin, TX, don’t forget your best brunch look as attendees will take over some of the city’s hottest restaurants. Let’s look at a curated list of eateries...

Oct 30, 2023

AFROTECH Connect Is Your Mobile Companion To Make This Year's Conference The Best One Yet

Using your GPS is a life hack that saves people time and resources when figuring out the best way to get somewhere. From directions that will avoid traffic to using the search feature to determine location options and hours of business, GPS is one of the most clutch resources for everyday life. AFROTECH Conference 2023 is just days away, and the team has created its app, AFROTECH Connect, to help attendees navigate the conference, find out about sessions, discover what time to pull up to see Rick Ross and Saweetie and connect with ticket holders from across the nation. AFROTECH Connect is an all-in-one mobile companion that maximizes the AFROTECH Conference experience. With the app downloaded, attendees can seamlessly integrate into the vibrant AFROTECH ecosystem and take full advantage of everything the conference offers. Here are five reasons why you should download AFROTECH Connect.

Oct 26, 2023

It's Official: Saweetie Confirmed To Hit The AFROTECH Music Stage In Austin, TX

The phrase “Tap In” took on a new meaning when California rapper Saweetie released the track in 2020. Laid on top of a classic from Too Short, Saweetie took over the airwaves with the song and is bringing similar energy to this year’s AFROTECH Conference. AFROTECH 2023 will be one for the books as thousands of attendees will travel to Austin, TX, to learn, grow, and turn up. From empowering sessions, fireside chats, and musical experiences — AFROTECH is the place for ticket holders to gain knowledge from industry experts, maximize opportunities that could propel their careers, and build a squad that can become life-long thought partners and friends.

Oct 17, 2023

Engaging With Impact: Crafting Memorable Experiences At AFROTECH Conference

AFROTECH season is here, and this year’s lineup is one for the record books. With speakers like Issa Rae, Timbaland, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, ticket holders will leave with tons of gems to propel their futures.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by AFROTECH ( But what good would it be, to have powerhouse speakers like those, events that amplify the culture, and hundreds of opportunities for networking if you did not take advantage of it all? Coming to AFROTECH Conference means having a plan of attack to prevent you from being overwhelmed. The conference hosts didn’t coordinate the schedule for you to be in over your head. This year’s conference is designed for you to level up and make the most out of each day you are present. Each year, attendees leave empowered, filling social media with reels and photos that detail how they left no stone unturned. Here are a few tips that can help you make this year’s experience one you’ll be talking about for years...

Oct 12, 2023

How Recruiters Can Implement Innovative Strategies To Secure Top-Tier Talent At AFROTECH Conference

If securing top-tier talent during AFROTECH Conference is on your to-do list, then you have the right idea. With over 20,000 attendees scheduled to be at AFROTECH, there will be unlimited potential walking through the exhibit hall, looking to land their next role. This moment serves as a prime opportunity to staff organizations. While the end result may be employment, how companies attract talent is a critical step. From the booth’s design to the recruiters’ authenticity, all points of contact matter when seeking to add people to your teams. With the job market in flux, on-site interviews can be the perfect opportunity to tap into interested job seekers to make a pivot or start fresh in their careers.

Oct 10, 2023

How Courtnee Futch Went To AFROTECH Conference Single And Left With A New Boo

Love may unexpectedly find you at AFROTECH Conference 2023, and Courtnee Futch can attest to that.

Oct 10, 2023

Follow These Networking Do's And Don'ts To Prepare You For AFROTECH Conference 2023

AFROTECH 2023 is the perfect place for you to network, so make the most of every opportunity.

Oct 9, 2023

Issa Rae Is Hitting The AFROTECH Conference Stage — Here's What You Need To Know About Her Session And More

AFROTECH season is here, and the best tech conference is highly anticipated. With less than 30 days before everything begins, the conference schedule has been released, and attendees now have a complete sense of what to expect each day. On Nov. 1-5, 2023, ticket holders will engage in activities including impactful sessions, fireside chats, panel discussions, and affinity group meet-ups. With over 20,000 people expected to take over Downtown Austin, TX, the conference will be an excellent opportunity for people to connect, grow their tribe, and develop skills that will advance their futures. This year’s conference will be bigger than ever with no shortage of things to do, from the various stages to the AFROTECH Music experience. Take your vitamins now, and let’s look at some highlights from this year’s schedule.

Oct 6, 2023

AFROTECH Conference Is Less Than 30 Days Away — Here's What You Should Be Doing To Prepare For The Experience

If you take a deep breath, you can smell the Black excellence in the air. In 30 days, thousands of Black technologists, entrepreneurs, and professionals will be taking over Austin, TX, for the best Black tech conference in the nation. AFROTECH Conference is scheduled for Nov. 1-5, 2023, to gather some of the nation’s leading voices across the tech and business industries, sharing the most up-to-date information for attendees to use for their professional development and growth. Although AFROTECH will have all the gems flowing from various stages, there will also be plenty of time to turn up as a reward for navigating a few days of learning and a successful year. With just 30 days to go, the time to prepare was yesterday. However, if you are behind in planning, here are some things you should cross off your list ASAP to maximize your experience.

Oct 3, 2023

Navigating AFROTECH Conference To Engage Top Talent: A Guide To Effective Recruiting Strategies

The job market may be fluctuating, but the availability of premium talent has not wavered. Talented people across several industries are poised and ready to land the job that best fits them through an entry-level position, career pivot, or transition. With the number of top recruiters scheduled to be at AFROTECH Conference 2023, it is an ideal space for recruiters to find that missing piece to advance the work and mission of their organizations. Nov. 1-5, 2023, will mark a monumental time of the year as thousands of Black technologists, entrepreneurs, and professionals make their way to Austin, TX, for what has become the most prominent Black tech conference. Attendees will be able to match their skill sets and interests with companies actively recruiting prospective team members. However, there is a science to recruiting that will yield positive results for both parties in the recruitment process.

Sep 28, 2023