Using your GPS is a life hack that saves people time and resources when figuring out the best way to get somewhere. From directions that will avoid traffic to using the search feature to determine location options and hours of business, GPS is one of the most clutch resources for everyday life.

AFROTECH Conference 2023 is just days away, and the team has created its app, AFROTECH Connect, to help attendees navigate the conference, find out about sessions, discover what time to pull up to see Rick Ross and Saweetie and connect with ticket holders from across the nation.

AFROTECH Connect is an all-in-one mobile companion that maximizes the AFROTECH Conference experience. With the app downloaded, attendees can seamlessly integrate into the vibrant AFROTECH ecosystem and take full advantage of everything the conference offers.

Here are five reasons why you should download AFROTECH Connect.

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Build Your Squad With Ease

Over 20,000 people are expected to pull up in Austin, TX. With people from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, there will be plenty of opportunities to expand your personal and professional network. Use AFROTECH Connect to browse the list of attendees and connect with like-minded individuals, industry leaders, and potential collaborators.

Entry To Events In The Palm Of Your Hand

Using the app will prevent the pesky hassle of using paper tickets or roaming through emails for event confirmations. AFROTECH Connect allows users to have easy access to event tickets, eliminating issues during the registration and check-in process.

A Tailored Conference Experience

AFROTECH has a ton to offer, and every attendee has their specific interests and priorities. AFROTECH Connect allows ticket holders to create a customized schedule for the AFROTECH Conference by selecting their favorite sessions, workshops, and speakers. An additional feature allows users to export their schedules to their personal calendars to stay organized.

Level Up Your Career

Once the app is downloaded, users can update their profiles with updated career information and add it to AFROTECH’s Talent Infusion platform. Once uploaded, potential employers and partners can discover prospects matching their hiring needs.

Community Is The Vibe

AFROTECH Connect empowers its users to share feedback about their experiences, join discussions, and tap in with the AFROTECH community through the Live Feed. It allows attendees to share their thoughts and insights on sessions, panels, and events to contribute to the growth and improvement of AFROTECH Conference.

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The schedule is set, and the excitement about this year’s conference is overflowing. With all steps for attendance in place, downloading AFROTECH Connect is the final checkpoint.

Download the app for iOS and Android.

Don’t forget to check out the schedule and use this link to stay on top of any updates.

And if there is any reason registration hasn’t been secured, grab tickets now.