In case you weren’t already aware, AFROTECH Conference 2023 officially kicked off on Nov. 1 in Austin, TX!


Through Nov. 5, attendees are set to not only hear from highly sought-after speakers such as actress and producer Issa Rae, congresswoman Maxine Waters, and billionaire Robert F. Smith, but also to network with job recruiters as well as thousands of fellow techies.

Rooted in bringing inclusivity and diversity to the forefront of tech, the AFROTECH Conference has officially received recognition and support from The White House.

In celebration of the largest Black tech conference making its annual return, President Joe Biden shared his “warmest greetings” to “the dreamers and doers attending the AFROTECH Conference.”

“By putting racial equity at the core of your efforts to build more inclusive businesses and develop cutting-edge technologies, you are helping create a country where all people can live with dignity and respect while pursuing their vision of the American Dream,” President Biden wrote in a letter. “Your work is opening the doors of opportunity wider to those who have been left behind, reminding us that diversity is one of our greatest strengths as a Nation.”

Biden continued, “The unwavering devotion of the Black entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders attending this conference is part of the reason why I have never been more optimistic about the future of America.”

President Biden went on to close out his letter by thanking this year’s AFROTECH Conference attendees for making their voices heard — propelling action toward attaining “the sacred promise of America for all Americans.”

In the spirit of making your voice heard and feeling empowered, AFROTECH’s got you covered on how to maximize your conference experience.

As previously shared, it’s advised to take into consideration the range of options that the AFROTECH Conference has to offer, including exploring the Expo Hall, attending multiple summits, listening to speakers on the big stages, experiencing Culture Park, and attending social events courtesy of AFROTECH’s official partners.

To stay up to date with all the events, use the AFROTECH Connect app.