James Brown said, “This is a man’s world.” However, he had the foresight to finish that thought by admitting it would be “nothing without a woman or a girl.”

Throughout history, countless amazing women have challenged Brown’s initial statement with incredible examples of leadership, influence, and innovation. AFROTECH Conference understands this fact, and today’s vibe is centered around the ladies.

Day 3 is here, and registration booths are still open for ticket pickup.

Hopefully, you’re only using the booth for information purposes now.

However, starting with the registration booth should be your first course of action if this is your first day.

The Gems Are Overflowing

With your badge on and your schedule handy, some great sessions are lined up to round out your Friday. From discussions on 2024 VC trends with Collide Capital Founder and Managing Partner Aaron Samuels to picking up some gems about entrepreneurship from Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, co-founders of the renowned “Earn Your Leisure” podcast, there are many content options to level up your growth.

A Woman's World

Although all of today’s sessions are worth tapping into, the big focus of the day is the “Women’s Summit.”

Kicking it off is a conversation around public service with Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Coined as one of the culture’s internet aunties, Waters is sure to “reclaim her time” and let the people know how they can maximize their power to actualize change in the world.

But the goodness does not stop there. Everyone’s favorite “Awkward Black Girl,” Issa Rae, is hitting the stage to share the details of her entrepreneurial journey and offer some laughs and quotable moments.

While Waters and Rae are two of the more recognizable names hitting the “Women’s Summit” stage, plenty of other sessions will empower Black women along their professional journeys. But don’t get it twisted, men; you are welcome to sit in and join the fun, too.

Turn Up

Today’s sessions are top-tier but mark the end of the development programming. It is officially time to turn up. There have been receptions, parties, and networking events from the beginning, but today is Friday! The weekend marks a special time to reward yourself for all your hard work and dedication up to this point.

The “Official AFROTECH™️ Music Protect the Culture” will offer non-stop Afrobeats and good vibes. Add a happy hour in the Expo Hall, “AfroTech x BlackNOut Presents: COZY Hosted by TS Madison,” and don’t forget the entire “Caviar and Collard Greens” situation. There is literally something for everyone.

Did you pack your vitamins? Do you have any energy supplements? If not, schedule a quick nap because today is about to go up, and you deserve as much of it as you can.

Use the AFROTECH Connect app to keep things in order as we get closer to the finish line.