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AFROTECH™ Executive To Make Its Next Stop In Newark, NJ

AFROTECH™ Executive is back on the road for 2024! Last year, the multi-city series made stops in Seattle, WA; Washington, DC; and Brooklyn, NY. The discussions led by tech leaders and founders ranged from finance and fintech to artificial intelligence (AI). Moreover, the likes of Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan, Fearless Fund Co-Founder and CEO Arian Simone, and Esusu Co-Founder and Co-CEO Wemimo Abbey were in the room for AFROTECH™ Executive. As previously shared by AFROTECH™, in 2023, for the closing event in Brooklyn, NY, the fireside chats focused on the critical role of corporate responsibility in addressing the wealth gap and the impact that fintech has in creating new avenues for wealth-building and financial inclusion. “One thing that I really took away is that these speakers are all very authentic and just made me feel very welcomed and comfortable to be in this space,” first-time attendee Annellyse Munroe shared at the time. “And they gave us real tangible tips to be...

Jun 5, 2024

How The Power Of Networking Can Help In Closing The Wealth Gap: Here’s What You Missed At AFROTECH Executive Brooklyn

The date Sept. 22 marked AFROTECH closing out the AFROTECH Executive series for 2023. Held in Brooklyn, NY, the event was an opportunity for people to gain insights about creating wealth, fintech, and tech innovation. Speakers that graced the stage included Arian Simone, co-founder and CEO of Fearless Fund, Wemimo Abbey, co-founder and co-CEO of Esusu , and Abim Kolawole, chief audit executive at Northwestern Mutual . The first fireside chat of the day was titled “Corporate Responsibility in Closing the Wealth Gap: The Blueprint, Presented by NorthWestern Mutual” with Kolawole. The discussion, moderated by Co-founder and CEO at Zirtue Dennis Cail, was about the critical role of corporate responsibility in addressing the wealth gap through real-time examples of NorthWestern Mutual’s initiatives. There was also a fireside chat with Abbey centering on “The Importance of Investing in Innovative Fintech.” Moderator Ollen Douglass — who is an investor in Esusu — and Abbey spoke about the...

Sep 28, 2023

5 Black-Owned Businesses In Brooklyn, NY That You Should Support

As summer 2023 is coming to an end, so is AFROTECH Executive. On Sept. 22, the multi-city series is making its last stop in Brooklyn, NY at The William Vale. The event will feature conversations with Arian Simone, co-founder and CEO of Fearless Fund, Abim Kolawole, chief audit executive at Northwestern Mutual, Wemimo Abbey, co-founder and co-CEO of Esusu, and more. Closing out the event, there will be a networking reception presented by Remitly. To secure last-minute tickets, click here. While you’re in the city of Brooklyn, below are Black-owned businesses to pay a visit to.

Sep 21, 2023

AFROTECH Executive: Northwestern Mutual’s Abim Kolawole Shares How Corporations Can Help Close The Wealth Gap

AFROTECH Executive is set to close out in Brooklyn, NY. On Sept. 22, the last stop of the multi-city series will focus on wealth, finance, and innovation, including a fireside chat with Northwestern Mutual’s Abim Kolawole on corporate responsibility in closing the wealth gap. Snag your tickets for AFROTECH Executive here. View this post on Instagram A post shared by AFROTECH (

Sep 20, 2023

5 Black Women Executives Making An Impact On Economic And Community Development In Brooklyn, NY

AFROTECH Executive is back! On Sept. 22, AFROTECH Executive is taking place in Brooklyn, NY, at The William Vale. During the final stop of 2023 for the multi-city series, attendees will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with some of today’s industry leaders and executives.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by AFROTECH ( Focused on wealth, finance, and innovation, the event is set to hold conversation-starting discussions including a fireside chat with Abim Kolawole, chief audit executive at Northwestern Mutual, moderated by Dennis Cail, founder and CEO of Zirtue, about corporate’s responsibility in closing the wealth gap. In addition, there will be a chat between Wemimo Abbey, co-founder and co-CEO of Esusu, and Ollen Douglass, CEO of Hanover Street Advisors, on investment in fintech. To close the event out, there will be a networking reception presented by Remitly. Grab your tickets here. Ahead of the event, AFROTECH wanted to highlight Black...

Aug 31, 2023

Uncharted CEO Jessica O. Matthews Shares Why She Believes Investors Like Magic Johnson And More Hopped On Board

Disney, Issa Rae, Magic Johnson Enterprises, and Chris Paul — what do they share in common? They’re all investors in Jessica O. Matthews’ Uncharted. The Nigerian-American founder and CEO started her company to be a leader in creating a world with universal access to smart, sustainable infrastructure, as previously reported by AfroTech. What’s more, Uncharted aims to reduce the costs of development across the globe.

Jun 26, 2023

How Black Girl Ventures Founder Omi Bell Has Supported 450 Black And Brown Companies

Omi Bell is perseverance personified. During AfroTech Executive D.C., the Black Girl Ventures Founder and CEO recalled her journey to get to where she is today. Bell shared that her mother was her first investor. Believing in her daughter’s dreams, she gave Bell $10,000 from her retirement fund.

May 24, 2023

The Impact Of Investing In African Tech Talent: Here's What You Missed At AfroTech Executive — Washington D.C.

On May 11, AfroTech Executive made its latest stop in its event series — Washington, D.C. At The Gathering Spot, the Chocolate City’s ever-growing community of executives, investors, founders, and tech professionals convened to discuss ways to create partnerships that connect local and global talent as well as ways to take real action. Photo Credit: Jemal Countess

May 12, 2023

Starbucks' First Minority CEO Laxman Narasimhan Shares A Few Key Ingredients To His Recipe For Success

Some would argue that how a person starts the day is a critical process for overall productivity. Whether it’s a gym routine or roasting your favorite coffee blend, the morning typically sets the tone for how people kick off their day. Starbucks’ new CEO Laxman Narasimhan begins his busy days by delaying his morning brew and opting instead to start with a moment of reflection through meditation. Narasimhan’s future plans for the global coffee brand include more than his approach to each day. He intends to fully immerse himself in the organization’s inner workings to “earn his green apron.”

Apr 25, 2023

Uncharted CEO Jessica O. Matthews Says Don't Be Afraid Of AI, 'Be Afraid Of The People Who Are Building It'

What better way to kick off the year than with an event where Black corporate executives, investors, and tech moguls link up to discuss today’s trending topics? On March 30, AfroTech Executive Seattle convened at the Four Seasons Hotel. The highly anticipated event included top companies like Microsoft and The Collective as well as speakers such as Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan, who led the fireside chat “ Sustainable Leadership: Thriving in Your New Role.” Photo Credit: Mat Hayward

Apr 5, 2023

6 Executives You Should Know That Are Making Waves In Seattle

AfroTech is a platform on a mission to uplift the Black tech community, and it’s a safe space for people to take their innovative ideas to the next level. Over the past few years, various AfroTech events have set the stage for career development and elevation like never before. While the AfroTech Conference is one of the more popular, large-scale events, we also have you covered with more intimate meet-ups throughout the year. Take, for instance, AfroTech Executive — the multi-city event series which empowers corporate executives, investors, and tech moguls. On March 30, AfroTech will take over the northwest region with a stop in Seattle, WA. View this post on Instagram A post shared by AFROTECH ( There will be a fireside chat with Laxman Narasimhan, the leader who has officially become the chief executive officer (CEO) of Starbucks, succeeding Howard Schultz, the company’s founder and former CEO. There will also be a chat with Uncharted founder and CEO Jessica O....

Mar 21, 2023

Black Spending Power And How To Use It To Our Advantage Was The Main Course For AfroTech Executive Washington, D.C.

AfroTech Executive is still making its rounds, continuing to fuel leaders with the resources needed to not only succeed but smash ceilings, move the needle, and make room for generations to come. Before it makes its way to Los Angeles, CA, it stopped in D.C. for a sold-out event, where the room was filled with corporate executives, founders, and investors in an effort to cultivate connections and also build community. What’s more, spotlighting opportunities to cultivate Black wealth was the main course of the day on May 19, 2022, where panels included The Power Of The Black Dollar and Cultivating Capital In A Black Tomorrow. Plus, we ended the night with something sweet as DJ 5’9 set the vibes for a Networking Reception. Photo Credit: Jemal Countess

May 20, 2022

AfroTech Executive Brooklyn Celebrated Black Women Changing The Face Of Boardrooms And C-Suites While Inspiring The Next Generation

Black women dominate every space they enter. Therefore, it’s only right that we continue to uplift, support, and equip them with the keys that they need to win. To take things beyond just highlighting women across the AfroTech platform during Women’s History Month, the brand took things a bit further and ended March with a bang. The AfroTech Executive Brooklyn event was a one-day, in-person leadership summit dedicated to addressing the lack of representation in boardrooms across America, the wage difference that women are up against, and the actions that need to be put into motion to lead more Black women to the wealth that they more than deserve. Held in Brooklyn, at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge on March 25, the experience included sessions from boss women like Ursula Burns, the first Black woman CEO in the Fortune 500; Merline Saintill, Fortune 500 board director and lead director of Rocket Lab; Heather Hiles, entrepreneur, technologist, and investor; Samantha Tweedy, the inaugural...

Apr 1, 2022

Ashley Caines Explains Why DAOs Can Reshape The Future Of CryptoTrading

It’s one thing to be immersed in the world of cryptocurrency and Web3 platforms, but to be self-taught and successful in the industry is worth a round (or two) of applause. During the latest episode of AfroTech’s Black Tech Green Money (BTGM), host Will Lucas is joined by the self-taught crypto trader and Web3 enthusiast, Ashley Caines to discuss just how decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) work, governance structures, and token rewards along with what is to be expected at the highly anticipated AfroTech Executive conference in Miami this year. View this post on Instagram A post shared by AfroTech ( As a true mover and shaker in the space, Caines is using her expertise to fuel her passion for educating a nd mentoring Black women as it pertains to all things crypto, blockchain technology, and more.

Feb 22, 2022