Half the battle of achieving career goals is being in the right room at the right time. For Black professionals in tech, AFROTECH™ Executive is a time to get the ball rolling further to learn what it takes to reach new career heights.

As a reminder, AFROTECH™ Executive is an event that brings founders, executives, and techies together to join discussions revolving around today’s pressing topics and gain important knowledge that is imperative for the community.

In addition to the engaging fireside chats, AFROTECH™ Executive has time carved out specifically for networking. During the networking reception, attendees can connect with fellow professionals from the local area of the events, as well as from across the U.S.

“It was a really great opportunity to bring people together in the community, and it was also really great to see people fly out for the event,” shared Christina Tymony, senior diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) strategist and enablement manager at SeekOut, during AFROTECH™ Executive Seattle in Washington. “Got to connect with other Black professionals in different cities.”

For those who aspire to secure higher positions in their field, AFROTECH™ Executive is a safe space to interact with leaders willing to answer questions and share guidance.

While learning from leaders is a major key, engaging with individuals at similar points in their careers is just as important. Networking among people with shared experiences can lead to brainstorming tangible actions that could help achieve career goals. As actress and writer Issa Rae once said, “network across” because “you can literally make stuff happen with the people around you” and not just those at the top of the corporate ladder. 

AFROTECH™ Executive is also a space for professionals who may not have a technical background, but are seeking support to build those skills.

“You can work in the tech industry and not necessarily be a computer science major,” Christopher Grey, co-founder of Stratos, said. “I think it’s just about pulling opportunities like this where you’re able to find those people of the demographic.” 

The next chance to participate in AFROTECH™ Executive’s networking is in Newark, NJ. As AFROTECH™ previously shared, AFROTECH™ has joined forces with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) to host AFROTECH™ Executive Newark on June 28, 2024, at the Prudential Tower. Among the topics of discussion will be tech innovation, financial responsibility, and creating wealth in the community.

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