NFL legend Michael Irvin is taking his talents to crypto!

The legendary Pro Football Hall of Famer has joined TradeZing as an investor and board of advisor member, according to a press release. 

“This is where it is, this is the future,” said Irvin in an interview with FOX Business. “This new wave that’s taken over right now is cryptocurrency, Bitcoin…You gotta get in, you have to get it. Everybody talks about it as [if] it’s something for just millennials or Gen Z traders and all that, but I’m trying to draw in as many people as I can in my world and athletes.”

Introducing TradeZing

Per reports, the company refers to itself as a “live-streaming, social engagement, Web3 platform designed for Millennial and Gen Z traders.” The overarching goal of the platform is to build a company that both educates and entertains individuals as they seek to get involved with stocks, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and cryptocurrency.

“The platform makes complicated topics digestible and will be a resource for traders looking for interesting ways to make money,” said TradeZing CEO and co-founder Jordan Edelson in an official release of the news.

Irvin's Role

The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver hopes to bring others like him into the cryptocurrency fold. He also wants to learn enough about the world himself in order to reap benefits that he has seen others obtain like fellow former Cowboy, Dez Bryant.

“We’ve seen what’s happened over the years with athletes where no matter how much money they make, they end up not in the right place later on,” said Irvin. “This is the future. And I don’t know a lot about it. That’s why I jumped in as a partner with TradeZing and I’m trying to pull as many people in.”