William Dawson


William Dawson

Originally from Harlem, Will Dawson is a writer and editor that now calls North Carolina home. Will has spent his career amplifying the voices of several brands, including The Recording Academy, Amazon and Lexus. When he isn’t attached to his laptop, Will is likely subjecting himself to watching Tubi movies or attending the Queen City’s many food and music festivals.

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How Will Cleveland Found His Dream Job Driving Inclusive Travel with Analytics at Expedia Group

Finding Opportunity at AfroTech Will Cleveland has always had a thing for analytics. Throughout his career, he’s been charged with figuring out strategies via content curation that give customers the data they need to make the best decisions possible. He’s always tried to make sure that people who look like him are empowered with information and opportunity. It’s his mission in life. As president of his former job’s Black employee resource group, he was able to present advancement opportunities for others while also helping the company advance in its diversity efforts. It was during his attendance at AfroTech 2022 in Austin that he discovered he was destined to do even more on a greater scale. “I love attending AfroTech. It feels like a safe space where I can see people who look like me and what they’re doing in tech to help us advance,“ Cleveland says. “I attended the Expedia Group panels and got to see the innovative things they’re doing to give their customers the power when it...

William Dawson

Oct 30, 2023