Lil Nas X and his career continue to soar to new heights while DaBaby’s is currently spiraling.

After getting thrown into DaBaby’s homophobic controversy last month, it looks like Lil Nas X will be getting the last word after dethroning his rival to become Spotify’s new most-streamed male rapper. The Grammy-winning rapper has reportedly amassed a total of 52,588,711 monthly listeners and counting, while DaBaby has 51,590,512, making him the most-streamed rap artist on the streaming giant as of this writing.

Lil Nas X’s reaction to the news was pure astonishment after he tweeted out, “Wow this is insane. This is the most i’ve ever had in my career.” He went on to say, “thank u to everybody listening,” after quoting a fan account that reported the stats online.

On top of that, the rapper’s latest single, “Industry Baby,” has also set a new record for his discography reaching over 100 million streams on Spotify. This happens to be the same song that caused a stir for its suggestive nature and prompted rappers T.I. and Boosie to insert his name into DaBaby’s discourse. Following the public incident, DaBaby’s name getting removed from music festivals like Lollapalooza became a domino effect that has gotten him kicked off of eight line-ups total.

As previously reported by AfroTech, the result of DaBaby getting removed from several big-name festivals came with a hefty price. As told by Variety, the outlet detailed the terms of his payment to estimate just how much the rapper has missed out on from his previously scheduled performances.

“It’s likely he kept a deposit, typically 10% of the performance fee, which in DaBaby’s case might have netted around $200,000 based on a rate of $2 million,” Variety explained. “However, another concert-industry insider speculated that, due to the late cancelation, DaBaby could have gotten 50%.”

We don’t know what fate holds next for DaBaby, but Lil Nas X is staying ahead of the game and breaking new records one day at a time.