If there’s one thing that DaBaby knows how to do, it’s keep himself in the headlines. His recent performance at this year’s Rolling Loud festival caused a world of controversy for a number of reasons. First, according to Variety, he earned the ire of Megan Thee Stallion’s fans when he brought out Tory Lanez (right after Megan’s set, no less). Then, came the homophobic HIV rant. And finally came the trending news around the mispronunciation of “adidas.”

But all that controversy generates money for the man born Jonathan Kirk in North Carolina. His collection of cars, cash, and hit songs have given him a high net worth — higher than most of his contemporaries, in fact.

What is DaBaby’s net worth in 2021?

DaBaby Net Worth 2021: $5 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, DaBaby has a net worth of $5 million in 2021. Most of his net worth comes from his successful chart-topping singles and albums.

His first bout of success came in 2019, when he released his debut studio album, “Baby on Baby.” He’d already earned himself quite the following when he released his mixtapes, beginning with 2015’s “Nonfiction.”

DaBaby also makes a lot of money when he performs live. This can be evidenced by a CNN story released in 2020 — shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives — where they revealed that DaBaby was offered $30,000 to perform live (the venue ended up shorting him $10,000, which is another story altogether). XXL also revealed his rate card for guest appearances on albums: $5,000 per appearance in 2019 and $300,000 per appearance by the time 2021 rolled around.

As further evidence of his wealth, TMZ revealed that when he was arrested in early 2020 during a robbery investigation, he directed his team to go to his hotel to retrieve his bail money in cash. That’s when it was revealed that the “Suge” rapper had more than $250,000 in cash, at the ready, for his bail. Not bad! But while cash can certainly make one wealthy, it also makes it difficult to determine someone’s true net worth, since cash doesn’t have to be declared.

What’s also unclear is how much of DaBaby’s net worth is tied to real estate investments. Obviously, certain real estate investments are worth more than others — and if he does, indeed, have a vested interest in real property, his net worth could be much higher than $5 million.