When Drake asks 21 Savage to hit a rich flex in the opening song of their joint album “Her Loss,” he’s alluding to the lavish grandstanding among those in a particular tax bracket.

From iced-out jewelry to designer apparel, there is no shortage of people flexing on the gram, enjoying the things their hard work has afforded them. However, not everyone chooses to celebrate their wealth the same way. NBA player Herbert Jones keeps it lowkey and saves money in the process.

The 24-year-old small forward signed with the New Orleans Pelicans in 2021 for a three-year deal worth $5,321,096, according to Spotrac. The young player’s contract is fully guaranteed, earning an average salary of $1,773,699 annually.

Even though most people would use the millions Jones is earning as an opportunity to ball out, the former Alabama basketball star keeps his coin tucked away. While balling out and living a more luxurious lifestyle is pretty standard among most players in the NBA, Jones has a different point of view on spending and saving money.

Herbert Jones recently spoke with Andscape and detailed why he keeps it chill regarding luxuries. In fact, when you catch him entering Smoothie King Arena for home games, he’s pulling up in his car from college and wearing Pelicans gear.

“Save that money. That’s how I think,” Jones recently told Andscape. “As soon as we get to the locker room, we change our clothes, and [I] put on our basketball stuff anyway. I just try to walk in super comfortable. I try to save, man. I’m not worried about what somebody would say about my appearance if my family is doing good or better than what they were.”

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For Jones, his focus is ensuring the money he earns today can sustain his family and legacy long-term.

“I think long-term for my kids. If I have to wear Pelicans gear or whatever team gear for the team I’m on for the rest of my career, then my kids or kids’ kids can go to school for free just based on what I earned in the NBA. Then I’m good. I’m cool.”

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And his position on money and luxuries isn’t changing any time soon. Jones’ college car is a 2018 Dodge Charger. It currently has 60,000 miles on it, and according to Jones, it still works well.

“I’m not going to change it until it breaks down. I’m going to keep using it until it breaks or stops working on me. Then, I will get another one. As long as it gets me to the gym, I’m cool,” Jones explained to the outlet.

While his teammates approach life and its amenities a little differently, Jones has garnered the respect and admiration of people like Zion Williamson.

“I respect the way he carries himself. That is who he is,” Williamson said to Andscape.

Although Jones is keen on saving, he does admit the one thing he will splurge on.

“I really do stuff for my family,” Jones said, according to Andscape. “If my brother needs something, I tell him not to hesitate to reach out. Same with my mom. My close friends. The ones that know, know that they can ask me. I wouldn’t say I have a weight on my shoulders at all because if the role was reversed, there would be a select few that would do that for me.”