Beatrice Dixon’s story began with a health scare that is often ostracized in mainstream media.

Almost Everything Starts With A Problem

She suffered from bacterial vaginosis for eight months. After continuous symptoms, Dixon wanted to find a solution that would break her free from the condition.

After already spending years working as a pharmacy technician and an employee at Whole Foods, her career trajectory helped to develop a firm understanding of the intersection of science and wellness.

The Inception Of The Honey Pot Company

Dixon’s acquired knowledge led to the creation of her first formula, a vulva-safe wash, that treated her bacterial vaginosis. After realizing the product was effective, Dixon started sharing it with her friends and at trade shows. Recognizing other people also found the product to be successful, Dixon wanted the product to reach even more people. So, she scaled and launched The Honey Pot Company in 2014.

“I created The Honey Pot Company out of a need. When I was younger, I suffered from bacterial vaginosis for eight months. The constant symptoms and fruitless search for solutions led me to formulate what became The Honey Pot Company’s first product, a vulva-safe wash. I knew that if I was experiencing this, there was a group of humans that needed this formula just as much as I did. The rest is history,” Dixon told AfroTech in an email interview.

What The Company Has To Offer

Courtesy of The Honey Pot

Since then, the company has grown in popularity and stood out from competitors for being the first plant-derived vaginal care system. Honey Pot Company’s product offerings have also expanded over the years to include pads, tampons, sexual wellness, and more feminine washes.

Creating Safe Products

“Too often, chronic vaginal issues such as bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections aren’t taken seriously enough even though they can be uncomfortable, disruptive – even debilitating,” Dixon said. “There’s also shame and stigma associated with these issues, which are often wrongfully associated with sexual promiscuity or poor hygiene. Additionally, to treat conditions such as these, it is simply not realistic for a human to be on antibiotics in perpetuity without compromising their health. The Honey Pot Company exists first to create products that support and minimize these challenges, and secondly to encourage humans to care for themselves in a way that is shame and stigma-free.”

The Honey Pot Company's First Major Distributor

As aforementioned, The Honey Pot Company is reaching the masses and the turning point started in 2016, after landing its first major distributor. Although Dixon is proud of the feat, it did initially present its challenges.

Target was the first to knock at Dixon’s door. By this time, the brand was only selling products to nearby retailers in the Atlanta, GA, area. So, initially, Dixon did not feel prepared to work with a major distributor.

Reaching New Heights

However, she was determined to build her brand and in a matter of weeks, The Honey Pot Company was seated on Target’s shelves. What’s more, this accelerated the wellness brand’s sales by 382 percent within a year and helped to support expansion into more retailers including Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens, among others.

Courtesy of The Honey Pot

“When Target came, we weren’t ready. We had to figure out how to build a brand while distributing products to a national audience in weeks, no exaggeration. But that work truly built our foundation. We were able to grow sales for the company by 382 percent within a year of Target distributing our products and featuring us as a Black-owned business to watch. Today, you can find us at Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Wegmans. It’s pretty incredible to see,” Dixon told AfroTech.

Making History

Just one year after working with Target, another feat fell into Dixon’s lap. She became one of the first 40 women to raise $1 million in venture capital, Forbes reports. The funding only propelled The Honey Pot company further in its focus to create an inclusive space that empowers and educates others to “identify, to learn and grow on their vaginal wellness journeys.”

“The most rewarding experience has been cultivating and supporting a community. It brings me so much joy to connect with humans and to continue to innovate products that meet the human where they are,” Dixon said.

Educating The Masses

The platform currently offers a quiz that will help users purchase products most suitable to their lifestyles and needs. Users can also access a clear product list that explains the benefits of the key ingredients so they can have an informed understanding of what is going into their bodies. In addition, the company creates a space for experts to share informative content on their social media and blog, The Journal. Dixon also keeps the conversation going through The Honey Pot Luck, which is a podcast that centers on feminine care, sex, and wellness.

Supporting Organizations With Similar Missions

What’s more, The Honey Pot Company has pledged two percent of sales to go toward charitable efforts that have a shared mission to ensure wellness and education are accessible “for humans with vaginas and communities at large,” as per the company’s website.

“Providing connection, access, kindness, and education to humans with vaginas are at the core of The Honey Pot Company’s mission and we are always looking for additional ways to support organizations that share these values,” Dixon said.