At only 12-years-old, Elijah Muhammad Jr. is making history as the youngest Black college student in the state of Oklahoma, KFor reports.

Not only that, but Muhammad’s father, Elijah Muhammad Sr. confirmed that the preteen will also be graduating with both a high school diploma and a college degree next year.

Making Power Plays

“He’s graduating with his associate’s degree and his high school diploma at the same time, which will be next year,” said Muhammad Sr. to Atlanta Black Star.

While Muhammad Jr. might look like your average pre-teen, he is currently a high school senior at Prep One Collegiate Academy and enrolled in three courses at Oklahoma City Community College. What’s more, Prep One is a homeschool program led by his father who notes that his son is following in the footsteps of his older siblings.

“His sister just made history as the youngest graduate from Langston University and Oklahoma Community College with two associate’s degrees on the same day,” Muhammad Sr. said to Atlanta Black Star.

As AfroTech previously reported, Shania Muhammad attended Oklahoma Community College, where she made history as the youngest student to obtain an associate degree.

New Kid On The Block

Since Muhammad Jr. isn’t your average student, he says his classmates were shocked to see someone his age in their classes.

“A bunch of them were like, ‘How old are you?'” he recalled to KFor. “Once I told them my age, they all got surprised.”

As a cybersecurity major, Muhammad Jr. is currently taking the following courses: Computer Hardware, Intro to Computer Technology, and Computer Operating Systems.

It Runs In The Family

Now that Muhammad Jr. has broken his sister’s record, he also wants to follow in her footsteps to land scholarships to help pay for his education.

“I’m very excited about getting scholarships because I’ve seen my sister get multiple scholarships and I was like, man, I can’t wait until I start getting my scholarships,” he expressed to Atlanta Black Star.


Not only is Muhammad Jr. making history as the youngest student to attend college in the state, but he also beat out the average Black high school senior with his 17 composite ACT score. At this time, he has received a full scholarship to Rust College, a historically Black college in Mississippi.

“A hundred percent, he will be going to an HBCU walking in the legacy in his mom,” said Muhammad Sr., Atlanta Black Star reports.

He also noted that Muhammad Jr.’s mother recently earned her doctorate from Hampton University and currently serves as an assistant professor and director of operations at Langston University.

The Future is Bright

Muhammad Jr. hasn’t quite decided where he will attend school but says he’s keeping his options open.

“I heard Hampton does have a good cybersecurity program, but I’m just exploring my options right now,” he shared, according to Atlanta Black Star.