Dr. Dominique Merriweather is a Morehouse graduate not only making history as the youngest Atlanta Public Schools principal but also the first African-American leader at Sutton Middle School, Fox 5 Atlanta reports.

Dr. Merriweather, who originally did not have his eyes set on becoming an educator, aspired to work as a corporate attorney. However, his plans changed after spending time reading and mentoring the inner city youth.

A Passion For The Youth

“One day, I went to go read to elementary school kids in the Atlanta University Center area and I fell in love with the students,” Dr. Merriweather told Fox 5 Atlanta.

In 2013, Dr. Merriweather jumpstarted his career, working with kids as a special educator. Now, at 30-years-old, Dr. Merriweather can credit his newest title to his tenacity in wanting to learn and improve.

“When you put your head in it, and never stop learning, and always are open to feedback and being better, the opportunities are there,” Dr. Merriweather said, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

Listening And Respect Have Been Crucial For His Success And Others

Currently, Sutton Middle School houses over 1,500 students. With a large population, Dr. Merriweather shared that listening and respecting the input of others has been crucial for his success and most importantly others.

“He’s really nice and fair and if we have a problem, he helps us to improve that,” eighth-grader Avery Wicker told the outlet.

At Any Age, No Aspirations Are Out Of Reach

Let Dr. Merriweather’s story remind you that at any age, no aspirations are out of reach.

“Age does not equate to ability or capacity. If you are driven and open to learning and if you truly want to be the best at what you are doing, it can happen,” Dr. Merriweather told Fox 5 Atlanta.

As for what’s ahead for Dr. Merriweather, he wants to be present. His focus is on being the best in his current position at Sutton Middle School.