Black Girl Sunscreen is becoming more accessible to the masses.

Founder Shontay Lundy leads the brand on a mission to formulate skincare products geared toward the Black community. As AfroTech previously told you in an exclusive interview with Lundy, she had plans to expand into additional stores.

“We will be accessible in a couple more stores which is great because this means the community is supporting us,” Lundy said.

The brand is already available in stores like Target, Walmart, and Ulta. Now, just a few months from Lundy’s proclamation, Walgreens has become the next major retailer to house the beloved sunscreen brand on its shelves. Black Girl Sunscreen is currently sold at over 3,100 Walgreens stores,, and through the Walgreens app.

“We knew from our research that people with darker skin tones weren’t using sunscreen because there was no product on the market specifically tailored to them,” said Emily Curtiss, Walgreens associate category manager for sun care, according to a press release. “So Shontay came up with this amazing product, but it’s more than that. She and her company are shouting from the rooftops, ‘It doesn’t matter your skin color, wear sunscreen!’ Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S., so they want everybody to be protected. That philosophy is a perfect fit with Walgreens’ purpose to create more joyful lives through better health.”

A Shared Interest To Educate Consumers

Walgreens aims to be a skincare destination for consumers. Working with Lundy advances its goal and matches its interest to educate its consumers.

“Being in Walgreens stores is a critical element to educating our customers because they’re a trusted healthcare brand in thousands of locations where our customers shop, with healthcare professionals in-store to consult with questions. That endorsement is really valuable,” Lundy said in a press release.

Curtiss also added: “One of the things we’re looking to grow is the education piece, making sure customers who come into our stores know exactly why it’s important to wear sunscreen and take care of their skin. Our partnership with Shontay and Black Girl Sunscreen pairs us with a brand that has the same objectives, and we think that when combined we can be a positive force for women of color.”