Traditional Black-owned barber shops are the cornerstone for all things sports related. From who’s the greatest player of all time to ideas about the next free agency move, sports fans of all kinds drop their opinions while waiting for that crisp line up.

A consistent staple in these sports conversations is NBA superstar LeBron James. He has the people talking again, and this time, it’s about one of his off-court deals. James is the new partner with PepsiCo’s premium bottled water brand LIFEWTR.

Changing The Game

According to Blavity News, Lebron James signed a multi-year partnership deal with LIFEWTR to champion for underrepresented communities. The brand deal aligns with James’ mission as a philanthropist and his love for the premium water brand, based on the press release obtained by Blavity News.

“I’ve always loved LIFEWTR and how every detail – from the original art showcased on its bottles to the brand’s efforts to champion diverse voices – serves a bigger purpose,” said LeBron James. “LIFEWTR is all about inspiring creativity, and I want the kids in my I PROMISE program and people everywhere to be inspired by the exciting work we’ll do together.”

The Ideal Match

James isn’t new to working to provide equity-based solutions to communities that need them most. Through the Lebron James Family Foundation, the billionaire-athlete is invested in providing resources to children, specifically in his hometown of Akron, OH.

This philanthropic work is most known through the efforts of the foundation’s I Promise program. All of the combined work makes the James and LIFEWTR partnership make sense to push their collective community goals forward.

“LeBron James’ unwavering dedication to uplifting individuals and communities mirrors our mission at LIFEWTR to help people thrive,” says Zach Harris, Vice President, Water Portfolio at PepsiCo Beverages North America. “We are thrilled to work with him to further the LIFEWTR brand’s commitment to helping underrepresented voices flourish.”

Another Black History Moment, Maybe?

While this new partnership is noteworthy, LIFEWTR has collaborated with other high-profile talents in the past. Most notably, the water brand partnered with Issa Rae to launch its Life Unseen campaign, a platform for fair representation in the arts.

Now, this new move may signal the premium water brand’s first partnership with an athlete.