NBA superstar LeBron James has always held his hometown of Akron, Ohio close to his heart and even more so the public elementary school he founded for at-risk youth. Now he’s putting his executive producer hat back on to debut a docuseries that follows the trials and tribulations of the school’s students and its initiative, according to PEOPLE.

His new documentary titled “I PROMISE” is a 15-episode docuseries that tells the story of the I Promise school through James’ perspective as well as the students, teachers, and others close to the institution.

“I think it’s important for us all to see and hear stories that can make each other better,” James told PEOPLE. “That’s why I’m thankful that my SpringHill Entertainment was able to shine a light on these kids and these families, as well as so many other important things they’re doing.”

The school — which opened in the fall of 2018 in partnership with Akron Public Schools and the LeBron James Family Foundation — was designed to provide children with a supportive environment that their home-life didn’t offer. PEOPLE revealed within the first five episodes of the series, third and fourth-graders detail traumatic experiences that people “twice their age” have not gone through.

From imprisoned parents to losing siblings to gun violence, these students needed a place to feel safe and nurtured and the I Promise school provided just that.

“Hope is a very powerful thing. No matter the situation, if a kid knows someone truly believes in them, that changes their outlook on everything,” James said.

As the founder of the Akron school, James wanted to give these kids another chance at success.

“With our school, everything is built on giving kids the confidence that they can do anything,” he said.

The series — premiering on streaming platform Quibi — will go through the daily struggles and challenges as well as show what it means to empower our young people.

“The goal of this school is to have these kids feel like they’re superheroes,” said James.

Viewers will get a chance to see how the school staff works together with students and their families to completely transform the path of their lives.

The show debuted on Monday and will continue uploading the under 10-minute episodes for the next 12 days.

While James has begun construction of a safe housing building for students and families near the learning institution, during this trying time, he is also keeping his promise of serving the underserved.

According to USA TODAY, James and his foundation have partnered with organizations to provide care packages to the students and families of the I Promise School. Plus, the Family Resource Center will keep its doors open and assist with mental health, medical care, clothing, and shelter needs even while school is not in session.