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Method Man Explains Why He Was Hesitant To Release 'All I Need (Remix)' Until He Received An Offer For $50K

There was once a space and time when we almost didn’t get to hear one of the biggest love songs ever.

Ngozi Nwanji

Jun 14, 2023

Method Man's Bringing His TICAL Cannabis Brand To Black-Owned Dispensaries, Including Al Harrington's Viola, In Michigan

Method Man’s TICAL cannabis brand has gone from being available at Denver, CO dispensaries to now, a new state. Benzinga reports that the rapper has joined Glorious Cannabis Co. to bring the brand to Michigan.

Ngozi Nwanji

May 18, 2022

Method Man Teams Up With Intercept Music To Launch A Platform For Independent Labels And Artists

After having created a successful music career for himself over the course of three decades, Method Man has partnered with a new platform to help independent artists carve out their own lane. According to a press release shared with AfroTech, the Hip-Hop vet has joined entertainment technology company Intercept Music to debut its worldwide digital distribution platform. View this post on Instagram A post shared by STREETLIFEWU (@streetlifewu) The new launch is designed to “underscore the value and importance of artistic emancipation in today’s creator economy.” “I am so honored to be a part of these revolutionary times as independence take center stage,” Ralph Tashjian, Chairman, Intercept Music said, according to Music Business Worldwide. “Our goal at Intercept Music is to give voice to emerging and established artists and labels by providing the tools they need to succeed. Forging a powerful partnership with Method Man, Intercept underscores the value and promise of artistic...

Ngozi Nwanji

Apr 20, 2022

Here Are Just A Few Of The Many Celebrities You Can Find In The Metaverse

Celebrities are appearing in the metaverse in record numbers. From rappers to athletes, to businessmen and social media stars, celebrities are realizing that the Web3 experience is the wave of the future. And as a result, they’re staking their claim in the virtual reality world while they can. Not every celebrity understands the concept, however — and that can sometimes lead to classic, and hilarious, comments. For example, when Snoop Dogg announced that he was joining the metaverse, he was very specific about how he explained it to Kevin Hart. “I built a whole metaverse called ‘The Sandbox,’” the Death Row Records capo said to the stand-up comedian. He also said he didn’t know s**t about it, but that he was “getting this money,” which is exactly the type of iconic thing you’d expect The Doggfather to say. (You’d also expect him to subsequently put Death Row Records into the metaverse, and that’s exactly what he did.) Some celebrities, however, know a lot more about the metaverse...

Method Man's MEFaverse Continues To Unravel With The Launch Of Its Second Phase

Method Man is continuing to build out the MEFaverse! According to a press release shared with AfroTech, he has launched the second phase of his metaverse-backed world of Hip-Hop culture, gaming, art, tech, entertainment, and comic books. The rap legend and WMG’s Ray Acosta collaborated for the release of “a unique collection of NFT profile pictures (PFPs)”. “ We literally lifted 20 of the main characters from the graphic novel and made 20x mini-collections consisting of 420 variations and unique traits of each for a total of 8400 variations. Crazy!” Method Man said, according to the press release. He continued: “We wanted to provide a safe place for everyone interested in all things Hip Hop, comic books, skateboarding, gaming, Web 3.0 and, of course, art. Times are different today than when I was coming up. Be proud of your nerdism and wear it on your chest! I know I am.” The press release shares that minting is set to exclusively open for the MEFaverse on April 8 “with a set price...

Ngozi Nwanji

Apr 7, 2022

Ready To Enter The 'MEFaVerse' Chambers With The Legendary Method Man?

Method Man is joining the metaverse — as a superhero! In a press release announcement, it was revealed that the legendary Wu-Tang Clan emcee would be dropping his first-ever non-fungible token (NFT) collection in what he’s calling “the MEFaVerse.” The release confirms that he will officially be releasing the NFTs as part of a larger project: a graphic novel that will take place in the “MEFaVerse,” which will feature Method Man as a superhero in the style of Marvel and the DCEU. “In The MEFAverse, we combine tech, art, and real-world functionality helping us realize the true potential of this tech and push it to its limits,” said Method Man, in the press release announcement. Method Man’s version of the metaverse aptly donned “MEFaverse” is a realized product that he and his production company, Six AM Entertainment in collaboration with Ray Acosta, envisioned together. They are at the helm of taking an experienced team of developers, writers, artists, and tech-savvy ninjas into the...

These Celebrity NFT Newbies Are Influencing Others To Tap Into The Digital Space

The booming wave of the non-fungible token (NFT) community has snowballed into many celebrities collecting and auctioning digital tokens. In 2021, news of Black stars joining the NFT world has turned into a consistent basis now. Celebrity domination doesn’t deter from the fact that they can benefit people from all backgrounds. But let’s backtrack: What is an NFT? As previously reported by AfroTech, an NFT is a digital authentication of anything — art, images, music, etc. The foundation of NFTs is art, and then it’s put on the blockchain to maintain, track and distribute your work. As new avenues and opportunities continue to arise for content creators today, the possibilities are endless for where digital art could go. The level of creative control that NFTs offer makes the digital art business one to watch for when it comes to accumulating wealth. As previously mentioned, 2021 was a shifting year for both collecting and auctioning NFTs. Here is a list of Black celebrities who we...

Ngozi Nwanji

Oct 28, 2021

Rap Icon Lil' Kim Set To Make Her Debut In The Cannabis Industry With Launch Of 'Aphrodisiac'

Hip-Hop icon Lil’ Kim is looking to make a dent in the cannabis industry with the launch of her own brand. Forbes reports Lil’ Kim will be debuting “Aphrodisiac” in conjunction with Superbad Inc. at the beginning of next year. Although the launch will begin in California, the brand plans to expand to multiple states including Lil’ Kim’s home state of New York. The partnership will also include CampNova, an online cannabis distribution platform housed in Northern California. The rapper’s interest in Superbad Inc. stemmed from the brand’s mission statement of being driven by “technology, artistry, and innovation,” the official website says. And according to Carlos Dew, Superbad Inc. founder, the cannabis brand will be tailored to the rapper’s favorite genetics and strains, and over the last two years, Lil’ Kim has adopted a hands-on approach to ensure her spirit carries over to her brand. “ I’m a hustler by nature, right? I’m from Brooklyn, so we hustle. I equate the game all the time...

Samantha Dorisca

Oct 26, 2021

How Method Man Went From Wu-Tang Clansman To World-Class Businessman

In 2021, Method Man made headlines when he announced that he was investing in two 21st century business opportunities: NFTs and cannabis. In the first case, the Wu-Tang Clan rapper announced that he was joining forces with Flow Blockchain and Tunego to release non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of his proposed comic series called “Tical,” named after his legendary debut solo album. “The exclusive collection will feature original characters, animations, artwork, apparel as well as unreleased music from the rapper that will all be for sale. Additionally, a 3D-enabled digital animation detailing the origin story behind ‘Tical World’ will be released in conjunction with New York artist Alex Smetsky,” we previously told you. Then, Method Man announced that he was joining the cannabis industry with a Tical-branded line. This line was created in partnership with several minority cannabis entrepreneurs in Colorado. And when he’s not doing all that, the rapper-turned-actor is starring in films and...

Method Man Prioritizes Working With Minorities As He Ventures Into The Cannabis Industry

Method Man is now a businessman in the pot industry. According to Westword, the legendary Wu-Tang rapper and actor has launched a new cannabis line called TICAL, which is named after his first solo album. In collaboration with Boulder marijuana grower Vera, TICAL will begin a limited release of products to Denver dispensaries beginning on Aug. 13, and the line includes various strains of popular marijuana plants. The first strains include Sweet Grease, Free Mac and Orange Cookie Kush which will make their debut at Simply Pure and WolfPac Cannabis stores. “I’m absolutely thrilled at the prospect of bringing TICAL to Colorado’s mature and sophisticated adult-use market,” Method Man says in a statement to the outlet announcing the launch. “Our team has worked long and hard to bring the same energy, creativity, and equity to this brand that I have to everything I have done throughout my career.” Additionally, TICAL took the extra step to partner with Simply Pure and WolfPac, two...

Method Man To Release His First-Ever NFT Collection As A Comic Universe

Method Man is the latest Hip-Hop head to enter the non-fungible tokens (NFT) space so he opted for a more unique avenue to make his debut. Complex reports that the Wu-Tang Clan veteran will be launching a comic series titled “Tical World” and introducing “Part 1: The Origin” as part of the anthology series through NFTs. The exclusive collection will feature original characters, animations, artwork, apparel as well as unreleased music from the rapper that will all be for sale. Additionally, a 3D-enabled digital animation detailing the origin story behind “Tical World” will be released in conjunction with New York artist Alex Smetsky. shares that Method Man has teamed up with Flow Blockchain and Tunego to leverage their technology and introduce his NFT collection to the world. On Aug. 6, a Twitter account for “Tical World” presented itself to its online community tweeting, “Get Ready! Tical World is coming,” to which both of its partners also confirmed their collaboration....

Njera Perkins

Aug 9, 2021

Method Man Co-Launches Creative Production Company To Produce Diverse Content

“How High” star Method Man is taking his Hollywood talents to new heights with his latest move. This week, Variety reported exclusive news of Method Man teaming up with his manager, Shauna Garr, to form a new production company called “Six AM.” According to the outlet, the entertainment company is focusing on producing a range of diverse content from untold points of view for all ages to enjoy. “We aim to tell authentic stories; to be ahead of our time and on time simultaneously,” the company’s website states, “and to engage an audience ranging from youth to the young at heart.” The company will hone in on projects that will be distributed via streaming and social media platforms in addition to traditional TV and theatrical releases. Variety shares that the first order of business for Method Man and his new company is producing their newly-sold film, “How High 3” — the long-awaited follow-up to the cult classic original that will reportedly reunite the Wu-Tang star and his...

Njera Perkins

May 21, 2021