Method Man is continuing to build out the MEFaverse!

According to a press release shared with AfroTech, he has launched the second phase of his metaverse-backed world of Hip-Hop culture, gaming, art, tech, entertainment, and comic books. The rap legend and WMG’s Ray Acosta collaborated for the release of “a unique collection of NFT profile pictures (PFPs)”.

We literally lifted 20 of the main characters from the graphic novel and made 20x mini-collections consisting of 420 variations and unique traits of each for a total of 8400 variations. Crazy!” Method Man said, according to the press release.

He continued: “We wanted to provide a safe place for everyone interested in all things Hip Hop, comic books, skateboarding, gaming, Web 3.0 and, of course, art. Times are different today than when I was coming up. Be proud of your nerdism and wear it on your chest! I know I am.”

The press release shares that minting is set to exclusively open for the MEFaverse on April 8 “with a set price of 0.08ETH coupled with potential residual income for NFT holders.”

The MEFaverse

As previously reported by AfroTech, the MEFaverse came after Method Man co-launched his creative production company Six AM, which aims to produce diverse content.

“We aim to tell authentic stories; to be ahead of our time and on time simultaneously,” the company’s website states, “and to engage an audience ranging from youth to the young at heart.”

The push for creativity eventually led to him dropping his NFT collection within his metaverse, which included a graphic novel starring him as a superhero.

“In The MEFAverse, we combine tech, art, and real-world functionality helping us realize the true potential of this tech and push it to its limits,” said Method Man, in the press release announcement in January.