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10 Entertainers Who Have Secured Mind-Blowing Endorsement Deals

If you’re a rapper and you’re looking to secure the bag, endorsement deals are the way to go. But believe it or not, the concept of rappers getting endorsement deals is nowhere near a new concept. According to High Snobiety, the rappers of today can thank a legendary Hip-Hop group for securing the first-ever product endorsement deal in the rap industry, which kicked off the trend that’s still going strong today. “You’ll likely recall Run DMC’s third studio album, “Raising Hell,” which thrust the group into the American mainstream and forever linked the genre to their iconic style and affinity for the Three Stripes,” they said. “When the album was released in 1986, one track particularly stood out: “My Adidas.” The song was more than just a powerful co-sign — it would soon become the catalyst for rap’s first endorsement deal, setting the stage for a generation of new artists to follow suit.” Run-DMC may have been just the first of many rappers to secure the bag with endorsement deals...