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Before His Lifetime Reebok Deal That Will Land Him A $32M Check, Allen Iverson Reveals He Could Have Been The First Signature Athlete To Sign To The Jordan Brand

Allen Iverson grew up loving Jordan shoes, and he almost could have signed with the brand. During an interview with Complex, the basketball legend expresses feeling enamored with Michael Jordan and always desiring to sport his shoes. Little did the Hampton, VA, native realize, he would not only grow up to land his own shoe deal before his rookie season in the NBA but he would be in talks for a signature sneaker with the Jordan Brand. Sports Illustrated mentions that when Iverson was drafted to the NBA in 1996, he caught the attention of every major sneaker company. The Jordan Brand even created a prototype named after Iverson’s nickname “Bubba Chuck” to entice him. Had he signed to the Jordan Brand, he would have became its first signature athlete, Sports Illustrated reports. However, Iverson found Reebok to be the most convincing in its pitch. “Remember that like it was yesterday because that was a big decision for me,” Iverson told Complex. “Just looking back on it, I feel good...

Mar 5, 2024

Did You Know That Allen Iverson Went From Having A Lifelong Deal With Reebok To Becoming The Company's VP Of Basketball?

Allen Iverson is one of the most respected players to have come through the NBA and the same rings true for his work as a businessman.

Jan 17, 2024

Allen Iverson Brings His 'Iverson '01' Cannabis Strain To Pennsylvania In Partnership With Black-Owned Viola Brands

Former NBA player Allen Iverson plans to disrupt the cannabis industry in Pennsylvania.

Aug 28, 2023

With 8 Years Until A Reported $32M Payday From Reebok, Allen Iverson Signs With Its Parent Company

Life’s full-circle moments are always a cause for celebration, even when you’re one of the best players to ever grace the NBA. Allen Iverson has never shied away from being a trendsetter, both on and off the court. According to Deadline, the NBA Hall of Famer has inked a new position with Authentic Brands Group (ABG) to help grow its footprint in entertainment.

Jan 11, 2023

Did Allen Iverson Bring The Hood With Him Once He Made It? Reports Suggest He Allegedly Had 35 Families On Payroll At One Point

When people make it to a certain point of their lives and obtain a specific level of success, like clockwork, distant cousins, estranged friends, and former associates all show up out of nowhere. When this happens, the phrase “you weren’t with me shooting in the gym” usually enters the chat. Well, Allen Iverson must’ve had a community center-sized gym full of people while he was working his way to the top because, according to reports, many folks wanted a piece of the NBA legend’s success. When you think of legendary point guards in the NBA, Allen Iverson comes to mind. From his iconic braids to his athletic prowess, AI is a cultural icon on and off the court. Born June 7, 1975, Allen Ezail Iverson was drafted as the No. 1 pick in the 1996 NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers. He would spend 14 seasons in the NBA, appearing in eight NBA playoffs, and end his career with 26.7 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 6.2 assists per game. With great athletic ability, on-court performances yield big...

Aug 23, 2022

In 2030, Allen Iverson Will Reportedly Land A $32M Payday Thanks To His Lifetime Deal With Reebok

The phrase “greatest of all time” is used loosely. However, when it comes to Allen Iverson, his name is synonymous with GOAT — period. Iverson has achieved great feats within the NBA, including consistently leading his teams to the playoffs and even a stint in the finals, but as a person, he has continued to defy all odds, remain humble, and most importantly, show love where it’s due. As previously reported by AfroTech, there was once a time when Allen Iverson blew through $200 million, yet he still landed on his feet. Today, Allen Iverson reportedly has a $1 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Plus, he’s about to reap the rewards of a lifetime deal with Reebok. In most instances, people may dread the thought of growing older, but in this case, the next few birthdays for Iverson will lead him to a huge payday. On his 55th birthday, the Newport News, Virginia native will receive $32 million, thanks to a lifetime deal he has with Reebok, FadeAwaySports reports. Let’s...

Jul 14, 2022

Allen Iverson Still Makes Great Money In 2024 & Beyond — Even After He Blew Through $200M

There’s no question that Allen Iverson is a basketball legend. Over the course of his career, he earned the title of one of the greatest of all time, and amassed millions of dollars doing so. Iverson consistently lead his teams into the NBA playoffs, once to the NBA Finals, and was even named League MVP (Most Valuable Player) in 2001. Unfortunately, according to Celebrity Net Worth , Allen Iverson’s current nest egg sits at a paltry $1 million. While this figure may seem like retirement money to you or I, $1 million is clearly a low sum for an NBA legend of Iverson’s stature. So how did this happen? Reportedly, Allen Iverson underwent a series of life challenges and poor financial planning , leading him to blow through his entire $200 million fortune in less than two years, leaving many basketball fans to presume that Iverson is struggling for money to this day. Luckily, this is not the case, and NBA fans will be happy to learn the true story of how Iverson lost it all, and was able...

These Celebrities Made Bad Financial Investments — Here's How It Worked Out For Them

From Dennis Rodman to Ja Rule, celebrities are just like us in that they, too, can make bad financial investments. Most recently, AfroTech told the story of NBA player Tim Duncan, whose scamming financial adviser cost him more than $20 million. Yet, most interestingly of all, Duncan remained unbothered by his ex-adviser’s behavior. “Luckily I had a long career and made good money. This is a big chunk, but it’s not going to change my life in any way. It’s not going to make any decisions for me,” he said. But while the likes of Tim Duncan can easily bounce back from bad financial investments, not every celebrity is quite as lucky. These celebrities made bad financial investments — let’s take a look at how it worked out for them.

This City Is Next On Al Harrington And Allen Iverson's Quest To Change The Cannabis Industry

These athletes turned entrepreneurs are ready to drop new heat in the cannabis space. As AfroTech previously told you, NBA players Al Harrington and Allen Iverson joined forces to launch cannabis, product, and merchandise through Harrington’s Viola brand. The multi-year partnership must be doing well as the pair are broadening their reach to Detroit, MI. “I’m excited to continue the partnership with my brother Al and bring our newest strain to Detroit,” said Iverson, according to a press release. “Everything I do is for the fans, and this is no different.” Customers can experience Viola’s hybrid strain, IVERSON ’01 influenced by Durban, Gushers, and Runtz. The pre-rolled and packed cannabis offering will be released in limited amounts and available throughout dispensaries across Michigan. The year of the MVP. Iverson ‘01 🏆 March 25th — Viola (@Violabrands) March 15, 2022

Mar 22, 2022

Michael Jordan And Allen Iverson Invest In $46M Funding Round For NFT Marketplace Metaplex

Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Metaplex may be the new kid on the block, but their recent backing proves it might be here to stay. Since its inception, it has curated over 85,000 projects and over 5.7 million NFTs. According to Markets Insider, Metaplex has also maneuvered $385 million in NFT transactions spearheaded by Degen Ape Academy and Aurory. Now, the marketplace has closed a $46 million funding round, Markets Insider reports. The round was led by Multicoin Capital and Jump Crypto with participation from Solana Ventures, Alameda Research, and Animoca Brands. In addition,  NBA legends Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson also participated alongside 100 additional investors.

Jan 19, 2022

Reebok's 'Courting Greatness' Campaign Uses AR Technology To Empower Users With The Ability To Play Anywhere 

Technology continues to change the world of sports as we know it, and Reebok recognizes that. For years, access to sports facilities has not been the norm for children in underserved areas often pushing them to reinvent the wheel when it comes to playing some of their favorite games. Now, Reebok is equipping those same communities with the resources that they need to play big thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology tools. Courting Greatness is a FW21 basketball campaign that was launched by the company in late July that uses technology to provide a real-world environment of playable basketball spaces where they may not exist. Photo courtesy of Reebok “Technology is undeniably just part of the fabric of our culture now,” said Inga Stenta, Head of U.S. Marketing for Reebok in an exclusive interview with AfroTech. “As you see things continuing to evolve and move, it is becoming more and more connected to the sports space. What we are really trying to do in this situation is...

Aug 20, 2021

Allen Iverson Teams Up With Al Harrington's Viola To Change The Cannabis Industry

Two NBA stars are teaming up for a one-of-a-kind brand partnership to revolutionize the cannabis market. Today, Viola — the largest Black multi-state cannabis operator in the nation — announced its latest brand partnership with NBA legend Allen Iverson that will span cannabis, product, and merchandise. Founded by NBA vet Al Harrington, Viola plans to make this new alliance an industry-leading and scalable collaboration. Iverson previously got a chance to get a glimpse of the growing process behind the Viola brand. After witnessing its full-scale operation, dedication to the cannabis plant and minority participation as well as ownership in the industry, he knew the partnership was meant to be. “I’ve had a lot of people approach me with business opportunities, but this one with Al was different,” Iverson said in a statement. “After seeing how devoted he is to this business, and him educating me on how beneficial the plant is, it just felt right. I’m excited to be a part of it....

Jul 29, 2021