Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante Broadus have launched a new business.

ESSENCE reports that the family now has the Broadus Collection of luxury silk scarves under their belt.

Broadus Collection


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Inspired By Their Daughter

Yet, this is more than just another business venture.

The reason for launching the scarf line is to honor their daughter, Cori, who was diagnosed with lupus. When she received her diagnosis as a child, the family rallied behind her and started sporting scarves so she could feel confident.

“My family really made me feel comfortable with the situation that I was dealt with and turned it into fashion,” Cori told ESSENCE.

It Was Time To Create Their Own Product

After wearing scarves made by others over the years, the Broadus family decided it was time to add to their existing list of business ventures and create their own.

“Well, for many years we were just wearing other people’s scarves. Me and my wife, we would just wake up in the morning with them on spontaneously. Then it was like the whole family was wearing them but we weren’t doing business. We realized, it’s got to be a way for us to make it into a business because when people think of scarves, they think of me and my family because everybody in my family wears scarves,” Snoop said, according to ESSENCE.

Shoppers Can Look Forward To Six Flashy Styles

And they found their way. Their new collection, brought to life in partnership with beauty and cosmetic company Annie International, features six flashy styles in two sizes.

Shop Now

To purchase, you can go to, and according to Snoop Dogg, there’s a scarf for just about everyone.

“The beauty of the line is everybody in the family can wear this. Even grandma can tie it around her neck the old-school way. It’s so many different ways that you can wear these scarves and they’re a fashion statement. They look fly. It’s not just putting some patterns together and saying, “Buy them.” The way they feel, the way the packaging is, me and my wife on the front of it showing his and hers. My daughter can wear it, my grandson can wear it. It’s for everybody. This is something that’s universal. It’s just a beautiful piece of a collection that we plan to do more of,” Snoop said, according to ESSENCE.