Beauty platform Fyyne just hit the market.

The ideation of Fyyne was created by Jeffrey Fasegha alongside Al-Ameen Ogundiran and Olu Olubanjo. Fasegha reveals while playing semi-pro hockey at his university, finding a reputable hairstylist for his hair type was increasingly difficult. He soon recognized fewer technologies in the beauty space were a perpetuating factor leading to less visibility for Black hair artists. Fasegha confirms many artists were using text or direct messages as their primary mode of contact for customers.

“As a former semi-pro hockey player, it was impossible for me to find a barber who could cut my hair when I was moving from one town to another every other week. I had to grow my hair out and wait to go back home before I could get a cut,” said Jeffrey Fasegha, Co-founder and CEO of Fyyne, according to a press release. “When I moved to Toronto for university, I was literally stopping people on the street to ask them where they got their hair done. It took me a really long time to find a reliable barber.”

Fasegha continued: “It’s not uncommon to see people traveling for hours to go to hair appointments. These are the stories we keep hearing in the Black community. It doesn’t make sense given how important hair is in our culture.”

The realization led to the creation of Fyyne, which helps artists by providing tools to commercialize their skills. In addition, Fyyne improves the booking process for customers, from discovery to payment. Now, artists no longer have to worry about administrative tasks such as responding to texts or direct messaging to find clients because Fyyne allows direct booking.

“Fyyne is like that friend you have who always knows all the best spots in a city,” said Olu Olubanjo, another Co-founder of Fyyne along with Al-Ameen Ogundiran, according to a press release. “Not only do we make the process of finding talented hair artist incredibly easy, we also use technology to help barbers and hairstylists manage their business more efficiently. Automatic bookings free up artist’s time and a portable portfolio of work make it easy to leverage their brand.”

Fyyne also has several exciting products in the works to help artists monetize their brand and increase their earning potential.

“We are helping to formalize what has been a historically informal industry,” Fasegha said. “This will help many people from our community grow their business and build generational wealth.”

To Celebrate, Fyyne Will Provide Free Membership To Hair Artists

Courtesy of Fyyne

Since its inception, Fyyne has established partnerships with the Ontario Barbers Association and several other community organizations.

In addition, according to an official press release shared exclusively with AfoTech, Fyyne also recently closed a pre-seed round for an undisclosed amount. The recent funding supports the official launch of the beauty service booking platform in the United States and Canada.

To celebrate its launch, Fyyne is offering artists a free membership available for a limited time.

To learn more, visit their website.