Shonda Rhimes and Netflix are doubling down on their business relationship and expanding their scope beyond the TV realm.

According to Variety, the two entities — who officially inked their deal back in 2017 — have agreed upon new terms under their extended partnership to exclusively produce, stream and distribute future gaming, virtual reality content, live events and merchandise, in addition to feature films.

“When Ted and I decided to break the traditional network TV business model to move Shondaland to Netflix, we were both taking a leap into the unknown,” Rhimes shared in a statement. “Today, Shondaland at Netflix is creatively thriving, profitable as an asset and engaging audiences around the world with stories that fearlessly challenge viewers and keep them highly entertained all at once. Ted, Bela and the entire team at Netflix have been tremendous partners during every step of the process, supporting my creative vision and showing a continued dedication to the innovation that has made Netflix such a powerhouse. The Shondaland team and I are thrilled and excited to be expanding our relationship with our content partners at Netflix.”

Rhimes originally made the move to Netflix from ABC Studios — which was responsible for airing hit shows like “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” — to give her production company Shondaland a new home to create under. Now she’s taking her deal a step further to explore new areas of the entertainment industry that hold much promise for the future.

According to Netflix Co-Chief Executive and Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, he told the Wall Street Journal in an interview that he wants Rhimes to “think of Netflix as the biggest canvas possible to create on.”

The prolific TV hitmaker is known for delivering thrilling and quality content to her audiences and Netflix wants to continue fostering that growth. “TV shouldn’t be a grind; it’s an art form,” Sarandos continued, adding that Rhimes has the “rare gift of having her finger on the pulse of fandom.”

Though detailed terms of the extended agreement have not been disclosed, Rhimes will remain one of the highest-paid creators on the streaming giant’s platform.

News of Rhimes’ deal arrives on the heels of her global TV phenomenon “Bridgerton” which garnered over 63 million viewers back in December — securing the TV producer a record-holding show as Netflix’s fifth-largest original series launch in the streamer’s history.