Jay-Z’s Roc Nation is making more money moves and this time it’s in the virtual reality space.

According to a press release, the entertainment company recently purchased tokens from Sensorium Corporation’s in-platform currency SENSO of Sensorium Galaxy — described as a digital metaverse that’s fusing together blockchain cryptocurrency tech with virtual reality (VR).

Roc Nation’s purchase announcement suggests that the company is making active decisions to move it toward the digital future. Company CEO Desiree Perez confirmed this claim with a statement that reads, “Sensorium Galaxy is well-positioned to take the entertainment industry to the next level. Their digital metaverse has a strong focus on quality, which is exactly what we want for our extensive artist base.”

Sensorium Galaxy was developed in partnership with several chart-topping artists and globally-recognized nightlife mogul Yann Pissenem in an effort to help music artists benefit more from global content distribution, a press release shares. Senso tokens can be leveraged for various transactions in the digital world and open up more opportunities in the entertainment field that support this growing digitized environment.

“This deal is evidence that entertainment leaders are realizing the big opportunities that digital environments and their economies represent for the entire industry,” Brian Kean — Chief Communications Officer at Sensorium Corporation — said in a statement. “By owning SENSO tokens, Roc Nation is taking a step towards the future of entertainment, giving their artists a chance to potentially benefit from global content distribution through Sensorium Galaxy and safeguard ownership rights on all of their digital content.”

Music Business Worldwide reports that Sensorium Galaxy is considered “the world’s most advanced social VR platform” allowing its users to utilize SENSO tokens to gain access to VR shows. The platform’s plethora of virtual worlds features a particular type of content for users to enjoy — including artists’ shows, premium content, customized avatars, upgraded features, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and more.

So far, high-profile artists and DJs like David Guetta, Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren and Black Coffee are all confirmed to be the first artists slated for the PRISM world.

By the end of 2022, the company “expects” that it will garner over 1.8 million users who will be using SENSO tokens to access VR content on Sensorium Galaxy.