Well known for his viral TikTok videos surrounding the Millennial and Generation Z experience in the corporate world, DeAndre Brown has been named Adweek’s Career Creator of the Year.

“I am so blessed to be in this position,” Brown told AfroTech exclusively. “When I started creating the videos, I didn’t realize that I would reach so many people and they would relate to the content that I put out. It just really means a lot to me that I am able to connect to such an audience and also to give back and build such a strong community in such a short period of time.”

The Rise To Social Media Fame

DeAndre Brown’s journey in the content creation world originally started with giving keen business advice geared toward minority communities. However, Brown realized it was time to pivot and create content that resonates most with Generation Z, as they made up 70 percent of his following. Brown’s approach paid off, garnering over 400,000 followers on TikTok within the last year while landing major partnerships with LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Google.


I don’t do the back & forth, I just close the laptop! #genz #minority #youngprofessional #corporatebaddie

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New Expectations For The Corporate Space

While Brown’s content is quite humorous, it also contains many hidden truths that can all be adopted in the workplace. Setting work boundaries and prioritizing mental health are just some notions Brown aims to normalize within the corporate space, which is timely. Now more than ever, Millennials and Generation Z are setting their own expectations and are demanding change in every area of their lives, and the workplace is no exception.


Micromanaging is not ELITE! #micromanage #genz #youngprofessional

♬ original sound – DeAndre Brown

“I feel like I have just inspired people to set boundaries, to put themselves first, and also to be at a place where they feel welcome, they feel like their an asset, and they don’t just feel like I’m just working here for the hell out of it,” Brown said.

He continued: “I actually read all my comments. Other generations are saying Generation Z is really changing and making a difference in the corporate space. Millennials are more direct from what I see in the comments. People are actually saying how much they make, yet, while this whole idea of financial literacy is great, they still want to be at a place where they feel valued. They care about diversity in the workforce and people are really making sure that it’s becoming a requirement.”

Creating Space For Minorities

Brown did not always plan to become the social media sensation he has become today. In fact, as a child, Brown considered becoming a firefighter. Although life has taken him on another road, one similarity still reigns true, which is to make the world a better place by helping others. In addition, Brown wants to use his influence to open the door for minorities who oftentimes do not have access to certain spaces.

 “When I was younger, I used to always say that I wanted to be a firefighter and I always said this because when you’re younger you want to help other people, but you don’t know how to put it into words. Now that I’m older, I’ve realized my purpose is to give back, to help others and inspire others to get the most out of life and specifically for minorities,” Brown said.

 He continued: “It’s always been important to give back to minorities and give them access to spaces that we don’t necessarily have access in. We have so much talent that gets overlooked, and that’s why it is important for me to give back through my platform.”