For decades on end, individuals from different generations have been engaged in notable conversations about the difference and nuances that exist between them. From Baby Boomers to Gen-Z, every generation has “a way” of doing things that influence the generation’s characteristics and identity. These days, people use TikTok to help spread these messages as well.

Viral TikTok star, DeAndre Brown, has taken advantage of this generational phenomenon (specifically between Millennials and Generation Z) with videos meant to poke fun at generation differences in the workplace. As the self-proclaimed “corporate baddy”, Brown soon found that the two generations had more in common than their differences.

Based on a report from Insider, Brown is an early 20-something working in consumer banking. He notes that he is the youngest person on his team based in Dallas, TX. It was this age difference that inspired him to join TikTok in mid-2021 to talk through his experience as a recent graduate of Morehouse College and the only young person on the team.

Brown’s videos on TikTok often involve him roleplaying Gen-Z and Millennial employees to mock the stereotypes that exist between them. Since the beginning, Brown’s videos have been very popular on the social media app, using humor to spark necessary conversations that could lead to more accepting spaces and more understanding among the two groups.

The Inspiration

Videos and sketches that explore generational differences are not new. However, Brown found that they could be more than just humor. The videos can lead to and expose truths that can assist in a more pleasurable work culture.

“I personally feel like there’s some truth to many stereotypes about generational differences. When I speak to my parents and grandparents, for example, it feels like work meant everything to them. They’d put everything aside to complete assignments on time and get good raises and promotions,” Brown said in his conversation with Insider.

Brown’s content includes many sketch-style videos where he is a during a job interview. In those videos, he breaks down many of the traditional corporate expectations that Gen-Zers are not down for.

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“Even though my videos aren’t entirely serious, young people have still told me that I’ve encouraged them to set boundaries at work and helped them to feel more entitled to healthy working life,” Brown explained.

From Humor to Making a Difference

With over 200,000 followers that Brown calls his “corporate baddies,” he has discovered that his use of language and relatable content has expanded his reach even more. Passionate about ensuring that workspaces are filled with diverse perspectives, what he was doing as humor has made people feel seen and realize that corporate work is accessible to all.

“I’ve also noticed that millennials, as well as Gen-Z employees, really enjoy my content, and it’s inspired them to create work-life boundaries too and to form a new mindset around their jobs,” Brown pointed out.

Ultimately, DeAndre is ecstatic that people not only enjoy his content but that his work is making a difference.

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