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From Salary To Total Compensation: Why Black Professionals Can’t Afford To Leave Money On The Table

Money. Every single one of us is working for it, it’s why we’re logging into these computers everyday, but for some reason, it’s also something we’re scared to talk about. In a recent LinkedIn survey, 40% of Black professionals felt like they were underpaid, but get this; only 30% had plans to ask for a raise, and 34% of us feel the hardest part of job searching is salary and benefits negotiations. If we agree that we’re all working for money–Lord knows I work HARD for mine–then why are we so scared to talk about compensation? By traditional measures, the U.S. labor market looks pretty good on paper. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, the U.S. economy added more jobs than economists expected in February 2024, however, on LinkedIn we’re still seeing just one job opening for every two applicants. My goal is to help people, who plan to stay in their roles, better understand how not to leave money on the table and to help folks negotiating for new opportunities arm...

Andrew McCaskill

Apr 1, 2024

Understanding An Existential Crisis And How To Cope Professionally

An existential crisis is a profound and often unsettling moment in an individual’s life when they confront fundamental questions about the meaning, purpose , and significance of their existence . It is a period of intense self-reflection and contemplation that may arise when individuals grapple with the realization of their mortality, the nature of human existence, the search for personal identity , realizations about free will and choice, and the meaning of life. It can feel heavy and overwhelming, as it consists of questioning the meaning of living at its most basic explanation. An existential crisis can not only impact your personal life, but your professional one as well. Key Aspects Of An Existential Crisis Questioning one’s purpose, direction, or reasons for living Feeling disconnected from people, activities, or values that previously gave life meaning Having a sense that life lacks inherent meaning and questioning the meaning of existence Experiencing intense boredom,...

Leah Jones

Mar 15, 2024

Is Shadow Work The Secret To Personal And Professional Success

Everyone has a part of themselves that they do not bring into the light but carry with them everywhere they go. This is known as the “shadow self.” It is also often referred to as a dark side: not because it is evil, but rather, repressed. However, acceptance of this part of the self is crucial in order to fully appreciate one’s self. The process of achieving this acceptance is called shadow work. What Is Shadow Work? The term “shadow work” is widely attributed to Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. In his analytical psychology, Jung developed the concept of the “shadow” – the unknown or unconscious aspects of oneself, both good and bad. According to Jung, we deny or suppress parts of ourselves that we don’t like, deem incompatible, or bring up too much anxiety to face. The shadow thus represents our dark side – the negative traits we try to hide or overcome. Jung suggested that failing to recognize the shadow leads to projecting one’s darker qualities onto others. Integrating the shadow...

Leah Jones

Mar 8, 2024