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How Companies And Employees Can Manage Workplace Microaggressions In 2024

Even in 2024, workplace microaggressions such as “Is that your real hair?” or “You’re so articulate” persist nationwide. Despite their subtle nature, these behaviors do not go unnoticed, leaving a lasting impact on the workplace atmosphere, morale and creating challenges for those targeted. From making assumptions about one’s abilities based on background to perpetuating stereotypes and using exclusionary language, managing workplace microaggressions requires a thoughtful approach. The first vital step is acknowledging that even well-meant words can cause harm. Building an understanding that unintended comments often reinforce unfair systems allows us to then dismantle that damage. Additionally, self-awareness of our own possible microaggressions, though uncomfortable, can prevent workplace exclusion. According to the 2023 McKinsey & Company report on Women in the Workplace , 78 percent of women resort to self-shielding at work in response to these microaggressions, modifying their...

Jan 13, 2024

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast: What It Means And Why Businesses Should Strive For It

Having a successful business is not just about creating the next big idea or must-have product; it is also about the people that one employs. A toxic work culture can be fatal for a business’s bottom line, yet a quick search through GlassDoor proves that there are plenty of companies being run into the ground thanks to mismanagement and poor leadership. While poor attitudes and shifty management are top reasons for employees leaving a company, not all businesses know how to pivot and correct toxic workplaces — much to the detriment of employee retention. A famous saying coined by Peter Drucker is that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” What does this mean, how does it influence a business’s success, and what can firms do to improve a suffering culture within a company? Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast While it may sound like a trendy bit of jargon, Peter Drucker’s statement gets to the core of what drives businesses — its people. Unsurprisingly, happy people put in 110...

Tesla Once Again Sued For Alleged Racial Harassment After A Black Gay Ex-Employee Was Assaulted & Verbally Abused

Tesla is once again under fire for alleged racial harassment. This time, a Black gay ex-employee claims she was assaulted and verbally abused — complete with racial slurs — by a co-worker. Business Insider is reporting that Kaylen Barker — who filed her lawsuit against the company yesterday — is going after both the Elon Musk-helmed automaker and its staffing company, Staffmark. According to her suit, Tesla failed to address the racist abuse she endured every day from her fellow employees, especially after she got a promotion. She also alleges that at one point, a co-worker — whom she only identified as “Joanne” in the suit — would mutter the N-word under her breath every time Barker walked by. And when Barker brought the alleged abuse to the attention of the Human Resources department, nothing was done about it. “I was violated physically, mentally, and emotionally because I am an African American lesbian,” Barker said in a statement provided, through her attorney, to the outlet....

LinkedIn's VP of Engineering Sabry Tozin Says Getting a Seat at the Table Starts With Intentionality

Eighty-one percent of Black professionals say that seeing other Black professionals in leadership positions make them feel like their workplace is inclusive and equitable. Sabry Tozin, VP of engineering at LinkedIn, shared this statistic amongst others in his recent Building Pathways to Workplace Equity report. The report highlights some challenges that Black professionals face in the workplace today. This report is a part of LinkedIn’s Conversations for Change, a series of reports and discussions focused on diversity and equity in the workplace. Tozin has been working in Silicon Valley for about 20 years, first getting his career started through conferences hosted by the National Society of Black Engineers. He got his first tech job in the late 90s and went on to work for companies like Accenture, Fox, and Netflix before joining LinkedIn in 2017. This main stat was the most shocking to Tozin because it’s such a big number he says, yet there are few Black and minority professionals...

Mar 12, 2021

Leading a Team? These Conversations May Help You Earn Trust With Your Employees

Conversations breed trust, teamwork, and productivity at work. The problem is, when you’re a leader, you’re constantly putting out fires and juggling back-to-back meetings. Next thing you know, you’re sitting across from a team member and struggling to establish a genuine connection. The truth of the matter is, if you’re in charge of other people, leadership is about having a relationship with your employees. It’s not about having the time, it’s about taking time to have conversations with people who matter most. Build Trust Before You Need It Regardless of the type of business, things will happen outside of your control. During times of uncertainty, conflict, or pressure to meet deadlines, employee trust is critical for getting the work done. So leaders must set daily intentions for building trust before they need it most. A consistent, two-way conversation that encourages dialogue — not a monologue — boosts productivity. If you’re only having conversations with employees to...

Dec 30, 2019

Maybe It's Not Them, It's You: Avoid These Communication Habits that Create Toxic Environments

Recently, Away Luggage Company CEO Steph Korey stepped down after an investigation by the Verge highlighted the company’s toxic work culture. From Korey reportedly using Slack to publicly critique work and label an employee “brain dead” to sending late-night messages  — Away is a case study in how not to communicate in the workplace. Like the Away company, if you have a communication problem in the workplace, chances are: Work is being duplicated (or not done at all). The finished product isn’t what you expected. There is a high turnover rate. There are recurring errors or delays in products or services. Your team is silent in meetings and no one speaks up to offer ideas or share their experiences. While it’s often second nature for managers to blame “lazy” or “incompetent” employees, frequent communication issues are often a symptom of a much deeper problem. A bad system, an outdated process or pattern of behavior from the company’s higher-ups are often the culprits. Here’s how to...

Dec 26, 2019

Time's Up Cofounders Are Creating a Training Firm To Help Companies Create More Inclusive Work Environments

Women, now more than ever, are speaking up about their experiences with workplace sexual harassment and misconduct. From Anita Hill speaking to a crowd of Wellesley College about her trauma to employees at big tech firms launching full-blown protests , women and their allies are taking more control over toxic workplace cultures. TIME’S UP Legal fund has been integral in the rise of the #MeToo movement and now its co-founders are tackling workplace culture by launching an anti-harassment training firm, according to Fortune. Roberta Kaplan and Tina Tchen have launched HABIT, which stands for harassment, acceptance, bias and inclusion training, to provide company executives with tools, information and classes to end harassment within the workplace. “It was pretty clear that there wasn’t enough available and willing legal support to represent women who either had claims or to defend them against claims, relating to issues of sexual assault or harassment at work,” Kaplan said to Fortune....

Jun 3, 2019