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Writers Block? Here's What To Write In A Retirement Card For Your Mentor

Going straight out of school and into the professional world is a huge transition that leaves many feeling blindsided. Receiving guidance on how to navigate the change from someone with industry experience is invaluable, which is what makes mentors so impactful . That and the selflessness they exhibit by going out of their way to help you in whatever stage of your career you may be in so you can grow. Forming this kind of relationship can make it challenging to decide what to write in a retirement card for a mentor. An optimal message for a retirement card would be one that is fairly brief but sincere enough to convey the gratitude that person deserves. There is no shame in seeking inspiration for what to write in a retirement card for a mentor. Sometimes it is hard to convey feelings of gratitude and appreciation in the most appropriate words for the situation. These messages are a great start and can easily be edited to align with the card giver’s personal relationship with their...

Leah Jones

Mar 15, 2024