As a veteran rapper, Bun B is a legend and a gift to the culture. Now, he is focused on building a new legacy that can remain in the family for generations to come through his Houston pop-up concept, Trill Burgers.

“For me and my family, my musical legacy has been solidified,” Bun B told AfroTech during an exclusive chat. “I own my publishing for several of my albums, not the group albums, but for myself on solo projects and that’s fine, that’s something that you can hand down, but that’s already built.”


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Something For The Family

“Trill Burgers allows my family, my grandkids to actually be a part of helping me build this. It will be something — if it’s done right — that will be here for generations to come,” Bun B expressed.

Now, the Houston native is taking his talents to Las Vegas as a member of Pepsi Dig In’s first-ever culinary residency. The goal is to help drive business acceleration and awareness of Black-owned restaurants like Bun B’s Trill Burgers.

The No. 1 Burger In America

While his smash burger just scored big earlier this summer after receiving the Best Burger in America award from ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Bun B says the team created something different ahead of the residency.


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From Houston to Las Vegas

“A smash burger is a very laborious process in terms of actually cooking the burger. It takes a lot of attention,” said the rapper, who is one-half of the legendary rap duo UGK alongside the late Pimp C.

He added, “The burger that we created in partnership with this Pepsi Dig In program is a lot easier to execute in the kitchen. We didn’t want to create a product that would overwhelm the kitchen and so we created a steakhouse burger. Chef Mike Pham, who was the creator of the Trill Burger, created this burger and he took those things into consideration. So, he’s been able to create something that still has great flavor, a great culinary experience, and something that doesn’t overwhelm the kitchen.”

Making Burgers vs. Making Hits

At one point during the conversation, Bun B also explained how he has been able to take what he’s learned from a little over three decades in the music industry.

“There’s many things I learned about presenting a brand, building a brand, connecting with your customers, making the experience more immersive for people, and it’s something that they can actually take away from the interaction that they have with me,” said the “Pushin'” emcee. “[Trill Burgers] allows me that in the same way that it did in the music industry. But even deeper because as a recording artist, I only have to get you to buy the album one time. But with the burger, I have to convince you to consistently go back and buy the burger again, again and again. The burger doesn’t just have to be great at one time like the album is, it has to be consistently great.”

Pepsi Dig In’s residency kicks off on Oct. 9 and will be available exclusively at Luxor’s Public House and Mandalay Bay’s Libertine Social.