The innovation of Black entrepreneurs is unmatched!

As the CEO at Nēdl, the AI-powered search engine for live audio broadcast, Ayinde Alakoye knows a thing or two about creating processes that make our lives easier.

Alakoye created Nēdl, to serve as a place where Black people could find their voices and ensure that it’s heard by the masses.

“This is a product that is founded by Black people to give Black voices a platform,” shared Alakoye on the latest episode of Black Tech Green Money with host Will Lucas.

Nēdl elevates Black voices across all sorts of channels and spheres so that we are heard.

The live audio platform allows anyone to create a live call-in radio show that also transcribes, amplifies, and monetizes words as they are spoken. It also serves as an AI-powered search engine for live audio broadcasts.

“I think the voice is the unique proposition,” said Alakoye as he explained the value of his product and why it’s so important for Black creators from all walks of life.

In an age where social media applications like Clubhouse have taken the audio lane by storm and have encouraged veterans like Facebook and Twitter to go back to the drawing board, Alakoye wants to make sure that the world understands the unique value that Black people bring to the table as creators.

“If anyone can create a product for everyone, it’s us,” he continued. “And so that’s what we’ve done with Nēdl, we’ve actually created a product for everyone that uniquely speaks to our needs as Black people to have access to the mic for the first time, in a really unfiltered way and also totally serves the broader audience in every way as well.”

As a speech contributor and message advisor to former President Barack Obama during the presidential election campaign, Alakoye knows a thing or two about utilizing the Black voice to prompt change.

For more on his thoughts about the fast-growing audio technology industry, the opportunity that creators, speakers, and influencers have when it comes to live-broadcast content, and more, listen to the full Black Tech Green Money episode below: