The prolific actress and Oscar nominee has received an honorary doctorate from Old Dominion University (ODU) in Virginia, People reports. The achievement was given to Bassett the same weekend she presented the keynote speech for ODU’s commencement ceremony.

Bassett Celebrates Honor On Social Media

Bassett took to Instagram to share the great news.

“Hey Everybody you good? I’m so happy and humbled to receive an honorary doctorate from @olddominionu today! Education is truly the KEY! #stillmakingmymommaproud,” Bassett wrote.

Bassett Inspires Future Leaders During Ceremony

Bassett, who was a part of the “Black Panther” cast, reminded students that royalty is not only found in the land of Wakanda but it will rest in their future steps.

“Throughout your time at ODU, many of you have proudly looked at the monarch — a royal crown on a lion’s head — as a salute to your school’s rich history, strength, pride, fearlessness, royalty,” Bassett said to the audience. “Thanks to a little film called ‘Black Panther,’ I think I know a little bit about royalty … well, fictional royalty at least. But the royalty that I am going to speak to you about today does not involve superheroes or kingdoms or magical powers. It’s about your leadership and your legacy. That’s the real crown that I want you to wear every day when you step out into the world.”

Honorary Doctorate Is Not Bassett's First

Bassett‘s achievement marks yet another milestone for the actress and producer as she previously earned an honorary doctorate from Morehouse College for her leadership role in Hollywood.

In addition, Bassett earned three degrees including an honorary doctorate from Yale University in 2018. She also received the Yale Undergraduate Lifetime Achievement Award two years later, becoming the first Black recipient to do so.