YouTube is broadening the horizon for creators.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the social media platform has announced plans to open its very own theater in the Hollywood Park complex located in Inglewood, CA.

The YouTube Theater is a 6,000-seat arena located next to the SoFi Stadium in Hollywood Park set to open in August 2021. The new installment solidifies its place in the live event space.

Just outside of the theater, people can get a glimpse of exclusive content created by YouTube influencers thanks to a 13-foot-tall digital screen.

Set to serve as its own attraction, the digital sign will not only include upcoming concert dates of talent that will perform at the theater along with videos directly from YouTube creators, but it was also designed to allow pedestrians to see their movement and images reflected as sort of a giant fun-house mirror.

Despite the fact that the theater can accommodate 3,400 to 6,000 seats, its design was built around making it feel more intimate than most arenas.

“That intimacy that YouTube has always created between the actual creator and the fan, no matter where they are in the world, is something we’d like to continue even in the IRL (in real life) space,” said YouTube’s vice president of brand marketing, Angela Courtin, in an interview.

In the new partnership with Hollywood Park, YouTube will be given the chance to produce high-profile content which includes e-sports competitions and live-streamed concerts. This also includes testing out the IRL appeal of its online artists.

The new move will also allow up-and-coming talent to receive financial support and more clarity on how to build fan bases. Currently, the video streaming platform has already launched an original programming division that partners with creators to produce both series and films.

“Imagine now being able to bring that to an audience of 3,000 or 6,000,” Courtin continued. “It’s a continuation of that ability for creators to make a living because of YouTube.”

Fans and creators alike can expect YouTube creator events that include everything from live cooking demonstrations to a documentary and even magic shows.